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What owners think about the 2020 KIA Rio

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Looking for a sporty feel of car but at a lower price than a brand-new SUV? Well, the 2020 Kia Rio is one car you should greatly consider.

Since its redesign in 2018, the car has boasted of a better suspension, a class higher of elegance, and a ride quality above many in its class. The cabin is assured of a roomier feel, even though it might seem different from the outside. Those at the front seat do not have to worry about legroom since it is assured. The interior design is definitely Instagram worthy and has a very intuitive layout of the controls. The car has an entertainment and information software with a touchscreen interface that is very high for a car in this class, with its suave steering wheel giving you a lively feel, especially if you are a petrol head.

The 2020 version has received an uplift that has included a four-cylinder engine with an upgraded transmission to work with
For the banger lovers, you will be pleased to know that the 2020 Kia Rio features the new addition of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support so that music can be seamlessly supported from your gadget. The additional 7-inch display may not be much but it can be great to watch series on when out on a camping trip or on one of those car dates. The car also has a rearview camera that is ideal for maneuvering traffic and getting into small parking spaces. The automatic emergency braking works in advantage to the driver since it can engage if the driver fails to react on time. This is a lifesaving upgrade in a world with some careless driving.
The 10-horsepower lost may cause some rethinking if you were a fan, but the downgrade in horsepower comes with a 41mpg and 36 mpg combination of efficiency which is essentially a 10 % gain. The past Rio could not handle high speeds and was considered a great choice for strolls and errands. The new model has a slight upgrade which, to be honest, is barely noticeable. There is also quite a disadvantage in safety as the forward collision warning is only available in the S trim model.

Customers have complained a little about this car, meaning there is a long way to go for Kia. Since it is available as either a Sedan or a Hatchback, it is definitely a good family car. The fact that a new Rio can be bought from $15900 is quite an advantage. The fact that it is also within an affordable range makes it a customer’s favorite. The shape is also more attractive than most in the family range car. It is comfortable and a driver can easily navigate on the freeway from one lane to another. There is a slight disadvantage as it can be blown away by the wind on a highway. There are suggestions that Kia should add a mode between the normal and sporty for easier driving in high-speed traffic.

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