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The positives and negatives of the 2021 Toyota 86

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Right off the bat, most consumers of this car emphasize the appeal of the coupe’s sleek and refined exterior. It isn’t just the exterior that’s eye-catching, though. One review described the Toyota’s interior as comparable to that of a Ferrari. Its seats, while sporty and supportive, are also of a clean leather design. The option of a manual transmission, along with aluminum racing pedals and a prominent old-school hand brake, are balanced out by a more contemporary 7 inch touchscreen and refined infotainment system. Almost all reviews on the car mention its handling and balance. Because of its very meager curb weight and rear wheel drivetrain, it is an optimal car for tracks and windy mountain roads. It’s also great for skids and drifting, and can even manage a burnout, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Toyota 86 Negatives

Like its Subaru and Scion counterparts, the 2021 Toyota 86 is lacking in space behind the front seats. However, most reviews put it above its competitors in this regard, due to the 86’s noticeable trunk space advantage. The 86’s engine for this year was manufactured by Subaru, and unfortunately many motorists report that this particular boxer 4-cylinder suffers from a serious lack of torque in the mid-rev range. (Although its competitors also aren’t known to have serious torque-focused engines either.) Another thing any potential buyer should be aware of is the fact that even though the car is advertised as having rear seats, this is definitely a technicality. The leg room you get in the backseat is right around half of what you get in the front. There are also a few complaints in relation to the cars straight-line performance. Although it excels in a scenario with turns and less than optimal terrain, this particular coup is certainly not built for the drag strip. Its mid-6 second 0-60 times make it a decently quick car, but not fast enough to boast about. Some reviews also said that for them, there are simply better and more enjoyable daily drivers out there, such as cars with a bit more torque or horsepower per dollar.

Professional Reviews

Both Car and Driver magazine and Motortrend – two of the most widely respected car magazines in the country – look favorably upon the 86’s newest design. Both commentaries mention the car’s impressive cargo space for being such a small vehicle, and praise Toyota’s decision to upgrade the 86’s dashboard with new tech. Car and Driver gave it a favorable all around safety review, although it does comment upon the car’s lack of automatic driver-assistance features. Motortrend magazine declared that “There aren’t enough cars in the world like the 2021 Toyota 86.” Both papers also applaud Toyota’s ability to equip such a sporty car with an MPG rating of nearly 40, and overall seemed to indicate that the 86’s Toyota-built body and Subaru-built engine outperformed the Fiat Spider, Mazda Miata, and Scion FRS where reliability was concerned.

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