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The Evolution of Cars- 2017 Tesla Self-Driving Car

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Tesla has always been known for experimenting and bringing something new in the industry that attracts the public. The idea behind the new self-driving cars is no exception. Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, has revealed that the company has been discussing technicalities with Google to create an automatic car that drives itself.

The company believes that automatic cars are the next step towards the evolution of cars, although the concept of the new 2017 Tesla self-driving car and Google’s technology are too expensive to be put in reality. But the public and car lovers are anticipating the release of these self-driving cars soon.

The Evolution of Cars- 2017 Tesla Self-Driving Car

2017 Tesla Self-Driving Car Design and Features

The current autopilot version of the 2017 Tesla self-driving car works on a very interesting concept. It consists of a forward camera, forward radar and ultrasonic sensors completely around the car. The 360 degrees ultrasonic has a range of about 5 meters around the car. Musk elaborated the further details in the meeting held in 2015 June.

He said that the automatic car basically integrates 4 major features; the forward radar and camera, the sigh ultrasonic sensors and the GPS navigation. Combining the outcomes of these 4 features, the car is able to auto steer itself avoiding the obstacles and driving you on the highway.

One of the most distinctive and interesting features include the summoning. Musk explained that the new self-driving car can be summoned by your phone or smart watch. For example, if you press a button once, the car will come and find you. If you press the button twice, it will go into the garage and park itself.

The testers have been witnessed here in an early development model with some non-production panels and parts, including the front end, but it does have four tailpipes grand brake discs and wheels. This car will have a model-specific body kit, wheels and interior modifications to distinguish it from the lesser 5s in the range.

When’s the Release of the 2017 Tesla Self-Driving Car

Learning about all these interesting features, the first question that pops in our minds is about the release of the 2017 Tesla self-driving car. Even though the design seems great, but there are some issues that still need to be worked on. So it’s hard to give a definite date about the release.

In the conference, Musk gave a date of August 15 for early access. The CEO said that the company is working on the final details and they are targeting the 15th of August for early access customers. Depending on the reaction of people, and the issues encountered, the car will be released in different parts of the world soon after that.

The CEO expects a worldwide release on the autopilot, auto park, and highway autopilot two months after the early access release. We’ll be updating you with all the official details on the self-driving 2017 Tesla as soon as we get it.

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