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Should you buy the 2020 Toyota Yaris or wait for the 2021 Yaris?

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2020 Toyota Yaris

2020 Toyota Yaris


What’s good about it?

The 2020 Toyota Yaris has always been a fun and cheap car to drive. For consumers on a tight budget and just want to get from point A to point B, this is the car for you.

The Yaris, as reported by consumers, offers high fuel economy, a very attractive interior fitted with upscale materials, and quick handling performance for its class. Customers are happy that this car is a price range that they can afford. This model also offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. Many drivers like that the design is based off of the Mazda 2 which is no longer available in America. Fans of hatchback vehicles also liked that this was an option as opposed to just sedans.

A key factor for most buyers was that this vehicle was at a reasonable price. Nobody likes car payments so consumers are happy that they can acquire a vehicle that has sharp driving dynamics without breaking their wallets. No matter if it is the L, LE, or XLE model, this car is great for the frugal consumer.

What’s bad about it?

You get what you paid for it. Consumers know that if they are spending less on a vehicle, they shouldn’t expect too much. One of the cons of Toyota Yaris is its slow acceleration. This may worry some drivers when they get onto a highway,since they require a longer time to get up to speed. Another con is that the amount of cargo and interior space is limited. This is expected of a subcompact car, but even in that class it the space shouldn’t be that low. Consumers also report that this may not be the car for you if you are a very tall driver. Trying to be comfortable while being over 6-feet tall in this vehicle is a concern to some. The final issue drivers reported was that sport suspension makes the overall drive uncomfortable.

The Experts Chime In.

Experts concluded that the Toyota Yaris is the least expensive vehicle Toyota has to offer. After testing out the vehicle they stated that this car will best suit drivers who are young, on a tight budget, and live in the city. The results definitely lines up with consumer expectations since this is a car for frugal shoppers. The experts are glad that the car offers a stylish design and tech features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto since this will entice younger folks. Both experts and consumers are happy that a reputable company can at least provide a vehicle that meets their demands for cheap and reliable fun.

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