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Should you buy the 2020 Toyota Tundra

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The 2020 Toyota Tundra model, evokes a feeling of strength and resilience when one looks at it. It has both the rugged look of a Truck and at the same time, the luxury and smoothness of a SUV or Sedan, which is not an easy feat to achieve. Reviewing this vehicle, one of the most consistent feedback from customers is about the price. This vehicle has all the conveniences and features of some of the high-end model Trucks and SUVs, but is priced at less than half those models.

Another consistent feedback given by most customers is about the reliability and the value that Toyota’s vehicles hold. Their vehicles are very well known in the industry for their durability and are guaranteed to last a long time with minimum repairs. Customers are also very impressed by the fit and finish of the 2020 model especially the leather seating as well as the upgraded infotainment system. Many customers also opined that the truck is simple and has the features that are most needed and relevant instead of having a lot of unnecessary complicated features that are not needed for everyday normal usage. The engine of the vehicle was also highly appreciated as being smooth yet powerful.

For most part customers seem to be very satisfied by Tundra. The only major and frequent complaint about the Tundra is in regards to its fuel economy. Most customers are not satisfied with the fuel mileage which is projected at 13 for city / 18 for highway. Another complaint that customers have is that the body style of the vehicle has remained unchanged for several years.

They feel a redesign is due as the style looks old and antiquated. Another frequent complaint about Toyota’s vehicles in general, including this vehicle, is that while several technological features come standard with some of the other makes and models, those features need to be bought as upgrades in their vehicles.

The experts that have analyzed the 2020 Toyota Tundra, have listed its single engine choice as a con. The 2020 model has only one 5.7L V8 engine replacing the standard 4.6L from previous years and thus reducing the powertrain options down to one. This in turn leads to limited towing and payload capabilities. While the experts say that, some of the consumers have felt that the horsepower and torque of this single engine are high enough to make the engine powerful. Poor fuel economy is the other disadvantage noted by experts.

This opinion of the experts coincides with the opinion of the consumers that this truck could be considered as a gas guzzler. One other area that the experts think needs improvement, is having more and improved technical features in the vehicle. Most of their vehicles come simple. If the consumers are interested in having a ride with the latest gadgets and most up to date features such as the transparent trailer view where the camera system makes the trailer invisible to the driver, they might not find that here.

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