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Should you buy the 2020 Toyota Camry?

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The Toyota Camry has had a long standing reputation of what constitutes a good car. With over 77,000 Camry models sold so far in 2020, there are a few qualities that consumers have reported that drove them to their purchase.

One of the most notable feature of the 2020 Toyota Camry is that it is the most comfortable vehicle for long distance driving. Many cross country drivers reported that this vehicle requires only small amounts of steering adjustments and that adds to the overall pleasure of driving it. This new model has received a 5-star rating on comfort, reliability, safety, performance, and technology.

The vehicle contains a four-cylinder engine that delivers a strong fuel economy which translates into saving money for the consumer. It also offers a generous amount of cabin and cargo space for all its passengers.The ability to load items into one’s vehicle was always in demand and customers are now happy that it has been fulfilled.

Consumers have also reported that the ability to control the climate and having advance safety features is another key factor that drove them to this model. Some customers have even describe the vehicle like “stepping into a spaceship cockpit.” The fans of 2020 model are excited that a car company is keeping up with modern times by providing an easier driving experience.

The Downsides

As good as vehicle this model is, there are a few issues that consumers have. One of the issues that the car has is its awkward infotainment system. The screen is small compared to other cars and it is sometimes hard to connect to the driver’s phone. Another problem is that the engine noise is too loud and when the driver accelerates, the noise then becomes unrefined. The last con of this vehicle is that the advanced driver aid features can be too sensitive. It responds too much which then gives the driver a feeling as if they don’t know how to drive. Consumers want a car that helps them stay safe while driving but don’t want to give up too much control over to the car.

Experts Respond

Experts reported that this Toyota model has one of the best agile and sharp handling abilities when on the road. The steering response was a key factor into why they love this car. With a horsepower of 206, the ability to steer smoothly helps add to the performance of the vehicle and made the ride enjoyable. The brakes also respond perfectly in urgent situations when applied. When comparing the results of the test drive and consumer’s expectations, this 2020 model definitely provides high-quality body balancing and ride comfort. Overall, this model has a great reputation in providing customers a car that is both reliable and comfy to drive.

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