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Should You Buy The 2020 Toyota C-HR

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What’s good about the 2020 Toyota C-HR?

Toyota has always made extremely reliable vehicles. The C-HR is no different. Its reliability is high on the scoring list, along with its value, comfort, and styling. Since it’s a compact SUV-crossover, it gets Very good gas mileage, for its size. pair that with Toyota’s reliability and you have a fantastic vehicle To get you from A to B.

This vehicle isn’t just good on gas and looks good great for your value, it has a very comfortable ride. Owners have all noted that it is extremely comfortable. Now this doesn’t just mean it’s comfortable to sit in that also means handling. Controls are also easy to find and everything seems well suited for its design and space within the vehicle.

Customers also love its style. Styling is unique compared to other vehicles in its class. It’s fun to drive, it’s comfortable, looks edgy and is a great value. People that need a little bit more space than a sedan will highly like this vehicle.

What’s bad about the 2020 Toyota C-HR?

Considering all options there are some cons, and this comes with the styling. Due to the styling design of the C-HR, customers have reported some blind spots. It has poor visibility in the back compared to other crossovers in its class. This is strictly due to its design.

Since it is also good on gas mileage, it does also have poor pick up and go. That is to be expected, however, this is an excellent commuter car and not a race car but it is to be noted nonetheless.

It is also noted that the design provides inadequate legroom in the back, and doesn’t have places to hang garments or clothing, like coat hangers. Customers are also noting that there is no hybrid version or all-wheel drive version which would be very useful in snow belt states.

What do experts say about the 2020 Toyota C-HR?

Let’s take a deeper look into the 2020 C-HR. The combined fuel economy for this vehicle is 29 miles per gallon which is very high. Its horsepower is 144, which will result in better fuel economy and worst pick-up.

It has a very progressive look and paired with sporty handling to maximize comfort. Due to its reliability, the resale value is very strong. It also comes standard with Toyota Safety Sense-P Advanced Driver assistant technology.

It is also noted that it is priced higher than other crossovers of its size, starting at around $22,600. Comparatively, this is a great compact crossover with fantastic fuel mileage and reliability. If getting from A to B is a priority, then this crossover is definitely on the top of the list. Expert ratings give it a 4.4 out of 5.

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2020 Toyota C-HR

MRSP $22,600

Customer Rating



  • reliability
  • gas mileage
  • looks good
  • comfortable


  • blind spots
  • poor visibility
  • inadequate legroom
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