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Should you buy the 2020 Honda HR-V?

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2020 Honda HR-V Touring


What’s good about the 2020 Honda HR-V?

Honda is a part of what I like to call, the trio of reliability, Lexus, Toyota and Honda. The HR-V is considered an excellent subcompact-crossover SUV. Looking at customer reviews, quality, comfort, reliability, styling and value are high on the list. This vehicle has superb styling, inside and out. The outside is robust and sporty-looking that is quite noticeable on the road.

It is also very comfortable given the fact of a nimbler ride and supporting fairly decent size suspension, which provides a cloud-like feeling while driving. The fuel economy is also fantastic for its size, getting roughly around 30 miles per gallon city and highway.

For what you are getting here this Honda does not disappoint. They are extremely reliable vehicles and make some of the best engines in the market. The quality is noted by the customer as well. Everything seems refined and well put together. The Japanese do you know how to make vehicles, so expect the HR-V to have exceptional resale value and to easily last you 10 to 15 years.

What’s bad about the 2020 Honda HR-V?

With everything good, there are some things that are bad. Nothing can be perfect. This vehicle uses a smaller four-cylinder engine that provides only 141 horsepower. Customers have noted that the HR-V struggles to pick up when needed. While this isn’t a major issue, it could use some more horsepower in the future.

While the car provides an excellent safety rating, it has been noticed that it has a weak windshield wiper washer. There is also possibly an issue with the CVT transmission, although this is a very low-end con and not many people have reported this it does need to be brought to attention.

What do experts say about the 2020 Honda HR-V?

Overall, this vehicle does not disappoint. It’s a great subcompact-crossover SUV that is great on gas. It has excellent interior and cargo space compared to other subcompact-crossovers in its class.

There are a wide variety of trim options available also, including all-wheel drive, great for people that live in snow states. Since it has all-wheel drive, however, it is not technically designed to do any sort of off-roading. While it is possible, ground clearance may serve you as an issue, but expect to handle excellent in the snow or rainy conditions.

While the competitor might have driving assist technology come standard, such as the Toyota C-HR, this vehicle does not. This might serve as a slight disappointment for some people, however, if you buy this vehicle you are buying it for the reliability and the engine. Assistant technology might not be a top priority for some.

While this vehicle is very stylish, from the outside and inside, there are other sportier choices on the market. If efficiency, reliability and comfort are your top priorities, this is an excellent choice.

Of all things considered, experts have given this vehicle a 4.6 out of 5 stars. Also read our 2021 Honda HR-V preview here.

2020 Honda HR-V

MRSP $21915

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  • Comfort
  • Reliability
  • Fuel Economy
  • Resale Value


  • Small Engine
  • Weak windshield wiper washer
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