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Should you buy the 2020 GMC Sierra 1500

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A car can make you feel like you are on top of the world. It helps if it is raise quite high off the ground, like the GMC Sierra 1500. The 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 is a step up from previous models of Sierras, and it is big and bold and can get through most of the tough terrain you throw at it. Many consumers say that the ten speed transmission is really smooth an the tailgate with a bunch of different functions is just a dream come true for most people.

For those who need the added security that a to of tech gadgets can give you,the Sierra is here for you. It has so many things that you do not need to control, it practically drives itself and you can be sure that someone always has your back. This model also has a larger cab area, a definite improvement over some of the previous models.

Although the larger cab size and ten speed transmission are positives that consumers love to rave about, there are also some problems that face this truck. For one, the technology console has a few detractors. They say it does not connect to all phones, notably Samsung does not work well, paired with BlueTooth. And the way they have configured the messaging service is neither convenient nor safe for a person who is driving. This worked better on previous models but there were also concerns about features that were never there. For instance, not having an overhead storage console for sunglasses has proven to be an annoyance for a lot of consumers.

The connection problems facing the 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 were present in the last few years editions of trucks,However, consumers have come too depend on everything working seamlessly, so for a truck not to be compatible in 2020 feels somehow worse than it is.

If you talk to experts about the GMC Sierra 1500, on of the biggest drawbacks that they will mention i that it is incapable of towing as much weight as other popular pick up trucks. They agree that the tech capabilities could be better, but are quick to point out how polished and sleek the car look. They will also point you to the fact that the Sierra has a top of the line engine, able to get you out of any sticky situation in which you might find yourself. This is a full size truck that surprises many people when they find it has a four cylinder engine, but it really can power a fullsize truck. It is ‘peppy’.

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