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Should You Buy The 2020 Ford Ecosport?

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2020 Ford Ecosport

2020 Ford Ecosport


The 2020 Ford Ecosport is a subcompact crossover SUV and is in its second year after the redesign. For many years, the SUV segment has been gaining popularity and it has captured the interest of customers through the world. Here is the summary of what customers and experts have to say about 2020 Ford Ecosport:   

What do the customers like about the Ecosport?

Customers feel that the car is agile and smooth to drive. The steering response is great and there is plenty of cargo space.

The gas mileage for a car in this segment is decent, although a few customers felt it could have been better.

There are a lot of positive reviews for technology including the entertainment package. The controls feel responsive and are easy to use.

The customers also appreciated the exterior aesthetics and felt it looked more expensive than it is. They compared it to the larger SUV models in the Ford lineup. A few customers were very impressed with how the car handled being driven in snow. Overall, the customers had positive reviews about the car and felt they would recommend this car.

What do the customers not like about Ecosport?

Some customers felt the quality of the interior could have been much better.

It was as if Ford decided to cut some corners when it came to the components of the interior.

Most customers felt the interior space was not enough. There was decent legroom for the front seats but overall the interior felt too cramped. The customers state the rear legroom is too limited especially for taller passengers. 

The technology is good but still not complete. The car is missing a universal garage opener and some safety features including the lane-change assist feature.

What do the experts say about the Ecosport? 

According to experts, the car is great to drive with its small size making handling very responsive. The smaller size makes it extremely easy to park.

There is good visibility while driving. It has all the technology features such as Apple Carplay, Android Plus, and Wi-Fi hotspot. Some of its competitors in the class are missing these technology features. The innovative side-opening hatch is convenient and stylish.

What the experts don’t like about is that the interior feels a bit cramped. The engine lacks power and the transmission could have been smoother. The advanced safety features are lacking. Features such as forward collision warning or auto emergency brake are missing.

The reviews of the customers and experts are in agreement that the car could have had better interior space, however, the customers are not complaining about the engine power. They believe the car is smooth, fun to
drive and has a full range of technology.  

2020 Ford Ecosport

MRSP $19,995

Consumer Rating



  • Great Drive
  • Good gas Milage
  • Great Entertainment Package
  • Aesthetically Pleasing


  • Cut corners on interior
  • Cramped Interior
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