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Should You Buy The 2020 Buick Encore?

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Buick Encore 2020

Buick Encore 2020


What do current owners like about the Buick Encore?

One of the most popular reasons for liking this model is that it’s a smaller car, so it does great on gas mileage and saving you money in the long run. Some customers reported only filling their gas tanks once a month. The average miles per gallon for this car is about 25 for city, and 30 for highway.

The 2020 Buick Encore is said to be very comfortable with a luxurious interior. Drawn to the large navigation screens, owners are pleased with the dashboard appearance. This car is loved for having lots of gadgets including lane warning, and audio extras.

Another thing owners like is that it is easy to drive, handling weather conditions extremely well. In fact the model in general has been noted to be a much quieter drive than other cars on the market. Many consumers have taken it on long trips (5000 miles or more) and have deemed it a trustworthy and comfortable vehicle for travel.

What kind of negative feedback has Buick received?

While many customers said they liked the interior and found it comfortable, others wished it had been a little roomier, particularly in the back seat. A few customers reported that they found the seats to be uncomfortable. Some also mentioned that they would have liked a little more space in the trunk as well, that moving larger objects became problematic. There were also certain customers that found the extra features difficult to use.

Unfortunately, there seem to be quite a few reports of problems ranging from coolant leaks to engine stalls. These occurrences seem to happen with vehicles that are around 50 thousand miles, although some have reported issues as early as 5 thousand miles. Some customers have rated the car completely unreliable, seeming to have consistent issues with it. While no things in life are perfect, it’s hard to tell which consumers are right or wrong on whether or not this car is truly reliable.

Customers also noted that while the car does handle well, they would have liked to have gotten a little more power. Owners say that while it’s enough to get where you need to go on the highway it could be tough sometimes to get around other cars.

What do experts have to say about the new 2020 Buick Encore?

When experts were asked their opinions, the response was pretty similar to consumers. Experts agreed that the amount of power offered was disappointing. They also noted that there aren’t many driver-assistance features included.

However the higher selling points were also agreed on. With great mileage on gas, and luxurious interior the Encore is a smart buy. This is a great and affordable compact SUV that is likely to serve its purpose in style.

2020 Buick Encore

MRSP $23,200




  • Great on gas mileage
  • Very comfortable
  • Easy & Quiet Drive


  • Uncomfortable Seats
  • Reliability Issues
  • Underpowered
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