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Should You Buy The 2020 BMW X2

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2020 bmw x2

The 2020 BMW X2 Rates Well Among Drivers

The 2020 BMW X2 is a four door hatchback coupe that is nice on trips to many places. You can use it to drive the kids to places like school or do grocery shopping. It comes with a nice interior with suede or leather seats. With an engine upgraded to a performance engine the driving is great.

The car comes with plenty of cargo room for you, that you will enjoy while traveling. It rates high in safety and in comfort to enjoy on the road. As a hatchback you will have a lot of space for your items. You will be able pick up your passengers and drive them home in a car that is modern.

The X2 comes with all interior features that are available on it. Live onscreen maps and touch screen controls are on it. You wont find much better on the inside— with it’s perfectly designed features. The steering wheel has push button controls, power windows, and a CD player.

What Owners Dislike About The 2020 BMW X2

This BMW is excellently designed with high quality materials making you feel great. There is plenty of rear seating and, comes with suede if you want it. The BMW X2 is right for anyone with children that has items to transport.

While driving the 2020 BMW X2 comes with some complaints that they have expressed over time. They have to do with the amount of road noise it receives. It also has minimal blind spot indicators for when your maneuvering the car.

The tires are too noisy for some people and there not satisfied with it. The interior lights are to bright for some people that use them. It is a hatchback that deals with many jobs— but mostly the routine transporting of goods.

Mostly is performs well but once in a while it doesn’t quite please everyone. The brakes have been described as sensitive by the BMW owner. They have also complained about the X2’s stiff suspension.

The road handling in the snow is hard and customers have complained. Tires may follow ruts in the road and steering has some difficulties. Drivers on long journeys will not like the noise they encounter.

The X2 does not come with a remote start on it. It also does not have blind spot monitoring. You wont be able to charge large smart-phones in it. The C-Pillar makes a large blind spot that is hard to see around.

Most drivers will find they drive well but experience an occasional problem. Things like getting in and out easily are sometimes too hard. They are also only getting the car to drive well in good weather.

2020 BMW X2

MRSP $36,400

User ratings



  • Interior
  • Engine Performance
  • Cargo Space
  • Looks
  • Quality Materials


  • Road Noise
  • Blind Spots
  • Handling in bad weather
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