Car Reviews and Facts

Review Rewards – Earn up to 25$ by writing a review of your car.

At carfacta we collect car reviews. By submitting a car review we will publish the review on after curation and rewriting the review.

How much do we pay?

Carfacta pays up to 25$ per review. We pay up to 20$ per 700 word review and up to 1$ per submitted picture. Payment is executed over Paypal after acceptation of the review.

Submission Rules:

By submitting the review the author is passing the publishing rights and rights on the provided pictures to The review has to be written clearly and must be informative and helpful for other potential car buyers. We will do a plagiarism check. In any circumstance we will feedback on your submission. We only publish paid-for submissions. We allow the inclusion of one backlink to your own website of blog.

Payment Rules:

  • We payout for reviews between 700 and 800 words
  • We pay 1$ per picture with a maximum of 5 pictures: the 5 pictures should show a different perspective: interior, front, back, dashboard and an overview picture
  • Content has to be unique
  • Spelling errors should be kept to a minimum
  • Paid price is based on the car model year
2020 Models$20
2019 Models$18
2018 Models$17
2017 Models$16
2016 Models$15
2015 Models$14
2014 Models$13
2013 Models$12
2012 Models$11
Older Models$10

Who Are We?

Carfacta is a website that aims to provide curated car user reviews and facts about cars and car models. Carfacta is operated by BVBA Devout, a LLC company located in Belgium. For more info contact [email protected].

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