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Porsche Cayenne Coupé: a sporty Cayenne update

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2020 porsche cayenne coupé


It took a while for Porsche to update the Cayenne with a coupé version of the SUV. Other German car makers like BMW with the X6, the Mercedes GLE Coupé and the Audi Q8 already have had their coupé versions in the past years.

Spot the differences

There is no difference with the standard Cayenne. Except for the exterior body of the car. About 30% from the car exterior is different because of the more curvy rooftop. The exterior body makes the Cayenne coupé a bit longer and wider at the rear axles.

This helped Porsche to achieve its design mission: create a more sporty version of the Cayenne SUV. It does not look as plump as the X6 or GLE coupé, mission accomplished.

Uncompromised Design

The design team in Zuffenhausen managed to male the design elegant. However the changes negatively affected the drag and aerodynamics of the Cayenne. To reverse the negative effect Porsche engineers put a retracting spoiler at the read of the car.

The rear spoiler wing retracts when the car hits 55 miles per hour, adding downforce and grip. This little change makes sure the drive dynamics are the same as the normal Cayenne.

Interiors space is not compromised as Porsche lowered the back seats so that the available headspace is unaffected.

By default only 2 back seats are installed but at no additional cost – something uncommon for Porsche – the backseats can be upgraded to a 2 seater configuration. Sport seats are optional.

There is one compromise however, the cargo space is reduced by almost 20%, but that is still enough to qualify as a small family SUV.

Porsche Cayenne Coupé: Same Technics

Under the hood the coupé is exactly the same as the regular Cayenne. Cayennes are built around the MLB Evo-platform used by the Volkswagen group.

Cayenne Engine Options

There is a wide choice of combustion engines and wheals default at 20 inch. Engine options consist of the 340 hp. Coupé, the 440 hp. S Coupé and the massive 550 hp.

Turbo Coupé. The E-Hybrid is not yet on the menu but will be an option for future model years.

The S Coupé engine is a very appealing 3L v6 turbo that does 0 to 60 in 5 seconds, and it has a top speed of 163 Mph. For those looking for power Turbo Coupé might be more powerful but the 4 Liter v8 engine adds more than 400 pound of weight to the front of the car.

The S Coupé also sports more standard equipment like a power steering wheel named ‘Power Steer Plus’, adaptive shock absorbers, a Porsche Crono package (sport chrono package) with extra driving modes. Its driving modes then include modes like Sports Response mode. The S Coupé trim adds 11K to the bill and gives access to a wider choice of options. If you account the added default options this difference is a mere 3300 USD.

A Cayenne E-Hybrid Coupé and Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid Coupé have recently been announced. The models bear distinctive Acid Green colored badges and green brake calipers. The Sport Chrono Package, withe the Sport Response button comes by default on all three vehicles.

The same active roof spoiler found on the Cayenne Turbo is able to make aerodynamic adjustments in five different positions depending on a variety of factors including speed and drive mode.

The Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid Coupe and Cayenne E-Hybrid Coupe also share the same design as other Cayenne Coupe odels.

Porsches do not come cheap

The Porsche does not come cheap. With a price tag well above 100000$ it will never be able to compete with a Kia Telluride or an all electric Mercedes ECQ. But that’s comparing apples to oranges. It is still more expensive that the competing German SUV’s like the GLE Coupé and BMW X6.

Fancy some options?

You can also get fancy interior options like 22-inch GT design wheels or a steering wheel covered with Alcantra fabric.

Porsche Cayenne Coupé = Panoramic Glass Roof

All the Coupés come with a large panoramic fixed glass. It is one of the largest panoramic sunroofs available for this segment. The roof can not be opened, it would take up to much interior space to be comfortable. The lightweight sport-package has the option to ditch this roof and this model without sunroof replaces the roof with a lighter carbon fiber roof.

2020 Cayenne Coupé S Factsheet

Engineinline V6
lb ft of torque550 Nm (461 lbft)
TypeDirect injection 2894 cc twin turbo
Horse Power440 horsepower
Drive TypeAll wheel drive
TransmissionAutomatic dual clutch
Top Speed164 Mph.
0 – 605 seconds


Beside the looks there is not much different about this Cayenne Coupé. We do love the design, Porsche offers a more tasty version of its plumpy Cayenne. At the end it is about personal taste.

Technically both Cayenne versions are much the same, the coupé only seems to miss the hybrid option for now. The 2020 Model year is expected to reach the US in the fall of 2019.

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