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Is the 2021 Toyota Prius worth it?

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With new changes and updates, the super popular make can turn heads as well as turn wallets.

The Good
Although the Toyota Prius is one of the most popular makes in history of cars, the idea of constantly improving and adding new features is what will propel the Prius to new heights. One of the newest features added, is All Wheel Drive (AWD). With all wheel drive added, there won’t be so many issues with getting stuck in driveways or on streets. Customers no longer have to worry about one of the most annoying small car disadvantages. With AWD, customers get the great feeling of being on the go. Along with AWD, another change worth noting is the blind spot that has been removed between the rear windows. Another perk to driving this model is the hybrid aspect. While driving, you can get 50+ miles per gallon, which is usually the case for hybrid cars that must be plugged in. With this make, you have the option of plugging in, making getting in and going so much easier.

The Bad
Unfortunately with pros, there are also cons. Some customers indeed love the newest additions, however had some things they wish weren’t added to the car. For instance, the Prime model’s battery takes up too much space in the trunk. So with a car that is already small, customers want as much trunk space as possible. Another customer didn’t like the way the engine sounded when you do anything over medium acceleration. As time goes forward, people usually like to see that what they are buying is synonymous with the times. A lot of customers are not fond with the software improvements. Yes the new model includes Apple CarPlay as well as Amazon Alexa integration, but as far as technology, that’s as far as it gets. There is no Android capabilities added to the model, even though there are other models that integrate Android capabilities.

The Expert
When it comes to fuel efficiency and improving from past models, experts say that the newest addition to the Toyota family is a plus. Finally adding Apple to the model makes things easier due to most people being Apple users. Being able to use all wheel drive is also a great addition because when driving smaller cars, customers usually run into difficulty driving over snow and wet pavements. Past reviews also hint at it being slower than some, however, experts say this model comes with comfort and is reliable on the road. They also say this make is faster than you’d think. It’s not one known for its speed, but the car isn’t as slow as some would say. With this hybrid, transitions between the 4-cylinder gas engine and the electric motor are effortless, proving that the 2021 Toyota Prius is yet another amazing hybrid car.

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