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Ferrari SF90 Stradale : almost 1000 horses of plug-in power

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Ferrari SF90 Stradale

Ferrari SF90 Stradale


The Ferrari SF90 Stradale Sprints from 0 to 124 Miles Per Hour in a little less than 7 seconds. With a top speed at top gear of 211 Miles per hour this is the most innovative and powerful mass produced Ferrari yet. It also marks the first serially produced Ferrari Plug-In Hybrid. SF90 refers to the 90th anniversary of Ferrari, this sports car is not stuck in tradition but going full on hybrid, a trend we also see in normal road cars. Mercedes even recently dropped combustion engines in its EQ line with the introduction of the Mercedes EQC.

Icon for a new generation of Ferraris

Real petrol heads might cry their hearts out as Ferrari surrendered to ecological innovations. But their cries will probably change to amazement when they discover this beast sports more than 986 horses of power. The power is not coming from a growling V12 engine but from a V8-turbo engine with 780 hp. – the most powerful mass produced Ferrari V8 engine.

The engine is an upgrade of the F154 engine where Scuderia Ferrari reengineered its capacity from 3900cc to 3990 cc. But the most innovation and the comes from the Hybrid engines that add to the V8. To make this happen Ferrari even had to move to some type of all wheel drive.

3 Extra Engines for more power

To reach the 1000 horse power number, Ferrari had to add 3 electric engines to the Ferrari SF90 Stradale. The electric motors are powered by lithium-ion batteries. Together they total 216 hp. One of the 3 has a special functionality and is located in the back of the car. It takes the role as a ‘Motor Generated Unit Kinetic’ and is located in the back in the car next to the V8 engine.

Motor Generated Unit Kinetic is used to convert braking power back to electricity to charge the lithium-ion batteries. It is used both as an electric generator and motor. Connected directly to the crankshaft of the petrol motor it takes the functionality of charging the batteries and adding extra power when the combustion motor needs to accelerate. This technology is common in formula 1 cars: besides the extra power it removes the need for a starter motor on formula 1 cars, removing weight and complexity from the engine.

Other cars using the MGUK system are the Mercedes-AMG One and Pininfarina’s HK GT.

The 2 other engines are located in the front and have a range of just 15.5 Miles and a top speed of 83MpH. The motors help to:

  • Realize a quiet drive in residential neighborhoods
  • Power the wheels to back up the car
  • Provide extra thrust when engaging launch control
  • Evenly distributing the torque (torque vectoring) over the front wheels making the car more responsive.

The batteries do not seem to bring a lot more weight and the car has a great weight to power ratio. It did however bring engineering challenges since 55% of the weight sits in the back of the car. A faster 8-speed dual clutch transmission is also part of this car.

Exterior Styling of the SF90

The Exterior of the Ferrari SF90 Stradale has been designed by Flavio Manzoni and his team. It is very much based on recent Ferrari supercars. We find the looks very agressive, mainly because of the short rear end of the car. This has been done on purpose and was a requirement because of the weight distribution of the car. The cockpit has also been moved more to the front for the same reason.

We like the matrix led lights giving the SF90 Stradale a special look.

Designers also wanter to keep the center of gravity point very low, thats why the rear end is also very low. We love the Shut-off Gurney for the added looks and aerodynamics.

Interior Styling of the SF90

The interior of this SF90 is far from spartan. Manzoni’s team took a leap into the future with a curved screen in the dashboard with touchpad and Manettino. It looks very classy, the design drives your attention to the dashboard. The instrument panel is fully digital and composed by a 16 inch screen. The steering wheel features buttons that use haptic feedback to provide accurate and snappy controls. Almost all functions can be controlled with a touch of the drivers thumbs.

There is also the famed gearshift, the famous Manettino. It does refer a bit to the traditional manual Ferrari shift-sticks of the past. Keyless entry is also a feature for this SF90 Stradale.

Aerodynamic vortex generating airflow ducts can be found under the chassis of the car. These are guiding ducts and vents make the car stick to the road. Geometric forged wheels add even more to the aerodynamics.

SF90 Stradale Trim Levels

There will be 2 trim levels available at launch for the 986 horsepower car. A standard trim level and a more sporty trim adding more driving modes. This sporty trim level features the Assetto Fiorano pack. This pack includes several notable upgrades:

  • Multimatic suspension: Multi level suspension shock absorbers from GT category competition
  • Ultra light composite materials for high performance like carbon fiber in the door panels and titanium for the exhaust and suspension.
  • The composite materials shave off some withs for more performance

The exterior of the sports trim is also visually altered with a carbon fibre back spoiler. Oh and you will also get special Michelin Pilot Sport Cup-2 tires that have been specially crafted and designed for the Ferrari model.

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SF90 Price & Release Date

The model is positioned between the F8 Tributo and the exclusive LaFerrari. It is the first Ferrari mid-engine PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle). Price has yet to be announces, we expect it to be around 349000$ for this Ferrari sf90. The release date is not yet known, we expect it to be announced at the upcoming Frankfurt motor show.

Full specification here.

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