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Bugatti CEO spreads rumor of an upcoming crossover SUV

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Bugatti SUV

Bugatti SUV


The Bugatti CEO Stephan Winkelmann just dropped the rumor for a Bugatti SUV that will hit the streets in 2023. The exclusive car builder is following Bentley, Lamborghini and Maserati with the pending release of the supercar SUV.

The introduction of SUV’s in the line of other supercar builders has been a success. It is no surprise that Bugatti is following the money. The list is long, Maserati with its Levante, the Lamborghini Urus, Porsche and its Cayenne, Bentley’s Bentayga.

Even Rolls-Royce with its Cullinan has an SUV in the dealership. Even Ferrari is rumored to launch an SUV soon.

The Bugatti People carrier

With 4 seats this Bugatti will be enjoyed by more people. It is almost a family car. But what a special one: the exterior is inspired on the Bugatti Veyron and Chiron.

The Bugatti will officially be a crossover SUV and allow for some light off-road action. The Bugatti boss and ceo Stephan Winkelmann was the driving force behind the Lamborghini Urus and has hinted the inception of the Bugatti crossover in an automobile magazine.

Be ready to empty your wallet the expected price will be around 1100000$. The most expensive crossover SUV to hit the road. Technically we expect the Bugatti SUV to be similar to the Lamborghini Urus since both brands are part of the same family.

At this price tag we expect this performance high end luxury cuv to be the go to passenger car for influential people like celebrities, hip hop stars and extravagant billionaires. A small niche of potential customers: normal people like us can just dream.

Expect ultra luxury.

We expect the car to be a hybrid to be gentle to the environment and for the milage. Bugatti might surprise us and make this an electric hypercar but we have no indications Lamborghini and Bugatti are investing in electric powertrains. It is just too early for an electric battery powered Bugatti.

It is not the first time Bugatti will be producing non-sports cars. In a very distant past Bugatti rolled out:

Bugatti Type ’00
Bugatti Type 30 Tourer ’26
Bugatti Type 41 Royale Torpedo Packard ’27
Bugatti Type 46 by Uhlik ’46

These cars seem far from the current Veyron and Chiron era. We do not expect those designs coming back.

How will the crossover look? Artist Sajdin Osmancevic made some effort to render a model inspired on the iconic grille and styling elements of the Bugatti Chiron. He named his impression the Bugatti Spartacus.

This seems to support the idea that people have been dreaming of Bugatti SUV’s and that the Bugatti’s boss Stephan Winkelmann is aiming in the right direction.

Let’s see what reality will bring in a few years. We expect the full reveal on the 2022 Frankfurt Motor show since Bugatti is part of the Volkswagen group with Germany as its playground.

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