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A quick review of the 2020 Toyota Sequoia

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What’s Good About the 2020 Toyota Sequoia?

For a midsize sports utility vehicle, the 2020 Toyota Sequoia is pretty impressive. Featuring a souped up engine capable of 81 horsepower, you get a lot of power in a comparatively small package. Scoring high marks across the board, the Sequoia is sure not to disappoint. It is excellent as a family car, seating eight adults comfortably. The size of the inside and the reliability of this Toyota’s performance are two things that people rave about. It also has every amenity to please even your pickiest passenger. In addition to being very soothing to drive, this SUV has the capacity to haul very large equipment. Campers, horse trailers and the like can be hauled with ease.


– Excellent styling, sleek and stylish to fit any lifestyle
– Seats 8 comfortably, this design is heavy on the comfort
– Very reliable, it requires little maintenance and can just keep going
– Excellent turning radius, rivaling that of more compact vehicles

What’s Bad About the Toyota Sequoia?

With so many things to speak positively about, owners of this sports utility vehicle seem hard pressed to find a single thing to complain about. However, you should be aware that the gas mileage on city roads is not the best, and the technological functions on the dashboard are limited. For example, the navigational system is often mistaken, but if you have a phone that gives correct directions you can plug it into the USB and use GPS that way.

– When all 8 seats are used, there is little storage, meaning you have to choose whether to tote passengers or their belongings
– Gets an average of around 15 miles to the gallon, meaning you will have to fill up the gas tank often
– Not technologically intuitive

What do experts say about the Toyota Sequoia?

As far as how the SUV looks, critics are in agreement with consumers, in that they think it is a rugged sports utility vehicle that has a lot of power and is not afraid to flaunt it. Critics like to talk about the reliability of this vehicle, and how rugged and long lasting its performance is. Consumers like to point out that this is a vehicle that can keep going for as long as they need it, and it can cross even the most treacherous terrain.

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