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2022 Toyota Prius Features, Price, Release Date

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2022 Toyota Prius 2022

2022 Toyota Prius Solar Roof


Will the legendary hybrid make a come back with in 2022? 

The Toyota Prius once was the most innovative Plug-in hybrid car when first released in 1997. It became the first mass-produced hybrid-electric vehicle. However: it was not the first hybrid car. Hybrid electric cars have existed since 1898. Ferdinand Porsche designed the first hybrid car more than a century ago. Toyota has since applied The 1997 Prius architecture to most other Toyota models. The base of this early Prius also became the template of many later models like the Corolla, Celica and RAV4. Will the 2022 Toyota Prius set new standards?

Not only have the design and architecture benefited the car maker, it also enabled Toyota to lower emissions. A Toyota Prius is not Zero-Emission but low emission. Toyota Priuses have been good for the air quality and environment. One of the notable recent improvements was the addition of a solar roof option. This option reduced the emissions of the Toyota Prius even more.

Toyota Prius Peak Sales in 2012

Surging oil prices in 2008 helped to lift the sales numbers of hybrid cars. In 2008 prices soared above 140 USD compared to 50 USD today. This was a good driver for record Prius sales. In 2012 nationwide sales rose to over 200000 units that year. However since 2018 sales of the Prius seem to be halved annually and will probably not even hit 50000 cars sold in the United States in 2019. This trend will probably not reverse soon, even though the Toyota Prius has an excellent reputation. 

In 2016 Toyota launched its fourth generation of the Prius. But even with sales of hybrid cars of other bands rising the Prius is losing its popularity and market share. Users have been scrutinizing the 2016 model for its design. The smaller trunk space and the engine starting in gas mode, not electric as with the older models dit not help. Prius owners have praised the car for high mileage (200000 miles and more). Toyota updated the car in 2019 but officials do not expect that these updates will be enough for a revival. Car enthousiasts no longer see the the Prius as an innovative car model.  

Fifth Generation in 2022?

It is rumored that the fifth generation will reach the market in 2022. It will be interesting to see how Toyota will put the 2022 Toyota Prius model against the electric ambitions of other car makers. We expect Toyota to come up with a Hybrid where the electric motor will be the primary power train and the gas power will only be used for extended range.

Solid State Batteries

Solid State batteries seem to be researcher heavily by Toyota. Maybe we will find this technology in the 2022 refresh. Solid state batteries don’t have the dangerous and flammable liquids that can be found in traditional batteries. To many it was a surprise that Toyota is investigating electrical option. Solid state batteries are also more efficiënt and faster charging. 

Solar Roofs

Large Solar Roofs also seem to be a future option for Prius cars. The larger solar roofs are 4.5x more powerful than the current solar roofs for the 2019 Toyota Prius models. The solar roof will probably not only help charging wile being parked but might add to the range while driving. Maybe this is a preview of upcoming 2022 Toyota Prius innovations?

Contributing factors to the dwindling sales are the rise of electric cars and competing hybrid models. The relative low oil prices do not help either. But Toyota still has 3 cars in the top 10 most sold cars in the US. The company does not have to worry about its near future. 

Japanese companies tend to value tradition highly. Even if the Prius brand is no longer a fit with today’s zeitgeist and US buyers car preferences we see the Prius family living on.

2022 Toyota Prius Price

Starting at $25000, and all wheel drives at around $29000 we expect the price to stay in this range.

2022 Toyota Prius Release Date

The 2022 Toyota Prius is expected to be released in January 2022. Toyota Motor Company generally releases the refreshes and new models at the beginning of the year. The 2022 Toyota Prius will not break its 2012 sales records. We are confident that Toyota will not disappoint on build quality and reliability as past owners have always raved about the reliability of the car. 

We will update this post once more information about the 2022 Toyota Prius becomes available. Visit our 2017 Toyota review page here.

Previous or current Toyota Prius owner? Feel free to share your past Toyota Prius experience below and share your expectations for future Toyota Prius models. 

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