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2021 Volkswagen Tiguan – Preview, Release Date & Price

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VW’s newest generation Tiguan brings a stylish, German-engineered SUV to the masses.

When it comes to German engineering, you will pay a premium for brands like Mercedes, BMW and Audi. However, Volkswagen is leveling the playing field with its versatile and stylish 2021 Tiguan. This mid-sized crossover sport utility vehicle will bring all the great things people love about Volkswagen into the mid-sized compact market. Since its debut in 2006, the Tiguan has sold over 1 million examples around the world. In 2021, the Tiguan is expected to be better than ever and give the competition a real battle.

What can we expect from the 2021 Tiguan?

According to various motoring websites and magazines, the 2021 Tiguan is expected to be all brand new. This includes a number of upgrades to the engine, the interior and the exterior styling. Spy shots from the magazine Motorauthority reveal that the 2021 Tiguan line-up will include VW’s a high-performance model from the brand’s R-line. This will give the 2021 Tiguan line-up great variety for both families and sports drivers alike.

The current model of the Tiguan has a nice exterior that sort of resembles a large Volkswagen Golf. While the styling is not as luxurious as BMW, Mercedes and Audi, the Tiguan looks miles better than its domestic competitors like Ford, Dodge and Jeep. Overall, the Tiguan’s understated styling allows it to have a timeless feel that won’t make the crossover look too dated after a couple of years.

What users tell us about the compact crossover 2021 Tiguan

There has been a number of articles discussing what the 2021 Tiguan will look like and perform. Some online reviewers are speculating that the 2021 Tiguan will get a slight price hike along with a number of new additions to the exterior, interior, and engineering components. Other reviews expect VW to bow the 2021 Tiguan during the 2020 round of car shows, possibly debuting at the LA auto show.

One of the biggest rumors is that the 2021 Tiguan will offer a hybrid model that will allow many crossover owners to finally have a higher performance and more fuel-efficient SUV with an electric engine. Currently, more and more automakers are jumping on the hybrid and electric powertrain trend. VW is expected to take the lead on fuel-efficient engines.

2021 Volkswagen Tiguan versus its competitors

As a mid-sized crossover SUV, the 2021 Tiguan is expected to have a number of competitors in this hot category. Two of the biggest competitors are expected to come from Nissan with the Murano and Toyota with the best selling RAV4. However, it is expected that the 2021 Tiguan is going to move upmarket and go after the BMW X3, Mercedes GLC and the Audi Q5. In fact, VW owns Audi. Therefore, the Tiguan and the Q5 may be built on the same platform. However, this is not confirmed.

2021 Tiguan car facts

In order to get a good picture of the 2021 Tiguan, we can take a look at the current model and gleam some information. Starting with safety, the current Tiguan offers over 40 standard safety features including a rearview camera system, safety cage and an Intelligent Crash Response System. When it comes to fuel economy, the current model Tiguan offers 22 miles per gallon in the city and 29 miles per gallon on the highway. The interior includes a number of standard amenities including power windows and power door locks.

The exterior of the Tiguan features body-color door handles and side mirrors. The powertrain on the current Tiguan includes a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-4 cylinder engine with 184 horsepower. Finally, the Tiguan has a four-star reliability rating from U.S. News. Overall, the current Volkswagen Tiguan is a reliable, stylish, safe and well-equipped mid-sized SUV. The 2021 Tiguan model is expected to exceed the 2020 model. It is a small crossover and not a real SUV as it is limited by its front wheel drive. There is however a 4motion all wheel drive system option making the car more robust.

2021 Tiguan price and expected release date

The 2021 Tiguan is expected to debut at one of the early 2020 car shows with the vehicle going on sale in March of 2020. The price of the 2021 Tiguan is projected to have a slight bump up from the current $24,945 starting price with a well equipped Tiguan priced around $33,000.

Do you think the 2021 Tiguan will give its moire expensive competitors a run for the money?

Images taken from the Volkswagen Tiguan press website featuring previous models.

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