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2021 Toyota Tundra Pros and Cons

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The 2020 Toyota Tundra is the oldest pickup truck this class, but it definitely packs a punch with its wide variety of features and standard safety technology. It has an iconic design and look to it while also boasting a V8 engine that was built to endure any weather condition or road obstacle. Since it’s a Toyota, buyers can rest assure that they will receive a dependable vehicle that was built to run for a very long time. It’s much more reliable than its competitors. Another reason that many customers like about the 2020 Toyota Tundra was the cost-effective price point. The Tundra is significantly cheaper than its competitors on the market and customers agree that the price doesn’t impact the quality of the vehicle. It’s a great vehicle for outdoorsmen who need a truck to get things done outside. It will get the job done just as well as any other truck. Many customers also like the design of the vehicle that Toyota decided to go with. It has a very classic build to it while also incorporating many safety features like collision detection and dynamic cruise control. It has the technology of a newer vehicle with the classic feel of an older one.

However, not every customer review about the pickup truck was a positive one. One main flaw of the vehicle that many customers complained about what its poor fuel economy. The vehicle uses a lot of gas for the mileage it gets, some customers even saying that it only gets around 17 MPG which is significantly worse than its competitors on the market. Some customers have even complained that the truck only gets around 12MPG. This means that filling up the pickup truck’s 600 mile gas tank can be really expensive. Another complaint that users had about the Tundra is that its classic design was too old school and was in need of an update. The pickup truck made some customers feel as though they paid money for an older vehicle because of how it looked and how it felt when they drove it. Many customers have complained about the responsiveness of the truck, saying that the steering and handling of the vehicle is unresponsive compared to other pickup trucks they have driven. This is important to note for people who like to haul things with their pickup trucks because it might feel as though they are out of control.

Experts say that for the price point of the truck, you can’t beat all of the features it offers customers. It’s significantly less than its competitors in the market and for that reason you will lose out on some of the more luxurious designs of a new pickup truck. You will also lose out on getting better mileage out of the car like other pickup trucks. However, you will be sure to get a reliable vehicle that will last for a long time and drives smoothly. The customer reviews were similar to what all of the experts are saying.

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