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2021 Toyota Highlander User Review

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Making a new car purchase Always gives you the feeling of moving forward, and staying up to date. The new 2021 Toyota Highlander has become a favorite model among people of all ages, and is mid priced and affordable.

What’s good about the 2021 Toyota Highlander?

There are many consumer reviews that speak positively about the Highlander. The one thing that most or the reviews have in common is the satisfaction in the safety features, the modern up to date technology, and the performance of the vehicle. The interior provides comfort for all passengers, and the material is of high quality with good finish and fit. The vehicle engine was very quiet and responsive which is a major plus on the highway. There is plenty of leg room for the passengers in the second row. The space between the front seats and the second row is accommodating for people of more than average height. The vehicle also received rave reviews from consumers on its cost which is at mid range for a vehicle of it’s size and features. In every aspect, the vehicle received four to five stars. the 350 degree camera system is also a positive feature, and the traffic sign recognition is a wonderful safety addition.

What’s bad about the 2021 Highlander

Having an imperfection is common because all people do not view things the same. With the 2021 Toyota, a common negative review is in the front drivers seat height adjustment. Many who have tested the vehicle reported that the drivers seat would not adjust to ample height for them. A person under five feet four inches would not be able to see over the steering wheel properly, but it is excellent for a taller person. the passenger seat has no height adjustment at all. The third row seats do not seem to be designed for an adult. Children can fit in the third row seating, but most parents want their kids in the second row. People who prefer buying Sports Utility Vehicles for their towing power find that this vehicle does not accept a towing hitch due to the tailgate operation. The sensors operation does not allow manufactures or after market hitches to be installed.

What do experts say about the 2021 Toyota Highlander

The experts give this vehicle a five star rating in comfort, performance, features, and cost. From the low price range of $35,000 to the fully loaded range of $49,000, this SUV has all the requirements of the perfect vehicle for the modern person on the go which includes the Platinum all wheel drive, and the Platinum Hybrid front wheel drive/ It seats eight, has an estimated 21-29 miles per gallon, and the smart key system has push button start. The equal refinement and power are displayed by the contoured lines and chiseled shape of the 2020 vehicles. Drivers can select the improved traction they need for the different road conditions to ensure safety. This is the choice of many who want to drive smarter.

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