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2021 Subaru Impreza, Preview, Price & Release Date

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2021 Subaru Impreza


Meet the 2021 Subaru Impreza: one of the most reliable car models on the planet.

The Impreza is one of Subaru’s most successful models throughout the company’s history. Subaru began manufacturing their Impreza model in 1992 as a compact car with four door sedan and five door hatchback variants. It has historically been one of the most reliable car models on the road. In fact, in a 2019 study conducted by ISeeCars, they found that the Subaru Impreza was the lowest depreciating sedan model in the United States market after five years of ownership. This means that this model is easy and cheap to maintain, and it maintains its value over time better than nearly any model on the road. This makes it a great car model for people of all styles, ages, and budgets.The model now sits in its fifth generation, where it has been since the 2016 model year. With that in mind, it should be noted that it will likely be a couple more years before we get an all-new Impreza design.

What can we expect from the 2021 Subaru Impreza?

The Subaru Impreza has seen a great amount of success during its fifth generation. However, the lack of power in the current Impreza’s sole engine option is a big downside to this model. The standard all-wheel drive is nice, but the company could benefit greatly from adding some additional engine options with a little more power before the next generation Impreza is released. Additionally, some minor updates could be made in the Impreza’s interior design. That’s not to say that the quality of the interior is bad, but there are many other compact models with nicer interiors. The company has yet to formally announce the changes to the Impreza for the 2021 model year, but the interior and the powertrain of this model are certainly the areas of concern in the coming years. We have been impressed by the 2020 Subaru Wrx Sti and have no doubts that the 2021 model year will also beat expectations. We also expect a limited edition 315 horsepower next generation Wrx to hit the North American Subaru dealerships.

What users tell us about the Subaru Impreza

As previously mentioned, the Impreza maintains its value over time better than nearly any other model on the road. This is a huge benefit, since the interior and powertrain of the Impreza leave much to be desired. The standard all-wheel drive is a unique benefit to the Subaru Impreza, since this isn’t even an option in most sedan models in the United States. Additionally, opting out of the standard manual transmission for the available continuously variable transmission gives the Subaru Impreza some of the best non-hybrid fuel economy figures of its class. Overall, the Subaru Impreza is an excellent option for nearly anybody, due to the fact that the easy maintenance and great fuel efficiency will save you money.However, there are better options of the same class available such as the Mazda3 or Kia Forte models.

Subaru Impreza Highlights


Although other competitors to the Impreza have more upscale interiors, the Subaru Impreza does a decent job of making each drive comfortable. The standard cloth upholstery is not favorable, but the available leather upholstery and heated seats make this interior dramatically better. Additionally, there is plenty of room for the Impreza to comfortably seat up to five fully-grown adults with no complaints.


The exterior design of the Subaru Impreza is built on Subaru’s Global Platform that they now use for all of their models. It’s available as a hatchback or a sedan variant.


The last Impreza model to be crash tested by any reputable source was the 2019 Subaru Impreza, which earned a perfect safety score from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and was named a 2019 Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute for highway safety or IIHS. Additionally, this model has a lot of available advanced safety technology, making it one of the safest models on the road, without question. Expect new technologies like eyesight driver assist.


The lone engine option on the current Impreza model is a 2.0-liter four cylinder boxer engine that makes up to 152 horsepower. With the standard all-wheel drive, there’s enough power and maneuverability with this engine for day to day operation. However, it’s reasonable to suspect that Subaru will expand on the powertrain of this model in the coming years.

Fuel Ecomomy:

With the more popular continuously variable transmission, as opposed to the manual transmission, the Impreza averages 28 city and 38 highway miles per gallon. This figures are amongst the best non -hybrid figures in its class.

2021 Subaru Impreza Price and Expected Release date

Following only minor changes to the 2020 model year, the Subaru Impreza has a starting MSRP of $19,595. This figure isn’t likely to fluctuate very much until Subaru unveils an an all-new design, which is unlikely in 2021. The 2020 Impreza was made available to the public in the early fall of 2019 on the Tokyo motor show. So, the 2021 Impreza is likely going to be released around the same time in 2020. We expect pricing to be similar for the Wrx and Wrx Sti trims.

How does the Subaru Impreza stack up against the competition in your point of view?

Othe 2021 Subaru models we have previewed include the 2021 Forester, 2021 Crosstrek and 2021 Outback.

Images taken from the subaru presskit of older models as illustration.

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