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2021 KIA Seltos Review

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Kia continues to win the hearts of the world thanks to its well-designed range of cars. The 2021 Kia Seltos enters the market as another SUV crossover. The best thing about this highly intense market is that companies want to outdo each other, hence the high quality. The model is here to try and emerge top of its class.

To begin with, it looks every bit like an SUV. The wheelbase is about two inches longer than the Soul at 103.5 inches which is three inches shorter than the other similar car the Niro. The Seltos has a broader look that makes it more physically attractive than others in its class. The car has a grille that the company calls the “tiger nose” a feature surrounded by flashy LEDs and turn signals that display in a stylish 3-D mode that has made it a very prominent car for those that love features.

The car rides the high wave in terms of comfort. For a car its price range, the car offers quite the legroom for both front and back seats and also has heated reclinable seats. The headroom is also very high quality, assurance of good design. For your preference, the interiors will be covered in either real or artificial leather and even fabric.

The infotainment system is quite a piece of work. You can either get the 8- or 10.2-inch interactive touchscreen, and up to date mapping system and audio delight courtesy of either the Apple CarPlay or the Android Auto. The gauge cluster, which is an impressive 8-inch by the way offers a way to keep the driver informed and works in hand with a pop-up HUD.

The car is not compromising on safety. It boasts of six airbags. It has automatic emergency braking and pedestrian detection, two features that ensure safety for both the occupants of the car and those outside. The 2021 Kia Seltos also has a rare cross-traffic alert, which combined with the keep- lane assist and adaptive cruise can allow a driver a few minutes of hands-off. I would not advise anyone to try this out but you can at least have some assurance in case of an emergency. The car still has the 1.6 liter engine with 175 horsepower is not that impressive but works okay. The car also comes with the famous 7-year unlimited mileage warranty from Kia.

Customers love that the car comes in 5 models and two engines, making it one of the cars with a good number of options. The S costs around $26K, the Sport costs $33k, the Sport+ at $36k and the GT Line at $40k. All these models have slight upgrades in their systems hence the rise in price. The customers also like the drivability seeing that the car is more of an everyday car with SUV abilities. The steering and suspension are built for many of the American roads, making driving convenient and enjoyable. It is also very safe.

To wrap it up the Seltos is obviously an upgrade for cars in the small SUVs sector. The elegant utilization of space makes it look small on the outside but it very big on the inside.

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