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2021 Honda Odyssey – Preview, Price & Release Date

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2021 Honda Odyssey

2021 Honda Odyssey


With an expected release date of summer 2020, the 2021 Honda Odyssey is certain to deliver all of the best-selling features that have made it the top of its class for a reason.

What Makes the Honda Odyssey so Great?

For starters, this favorite of the minivan segment comes from the Honda brand which boasts a solid reputation in the automotive industry. In fact, Honda was recognized as the eighth largest manufacturer of automobiles on the planet in 2015!

Founder Soichiro Honda dedicated himself to mastering a quality piston ring which laid the foundation for the notoriety the brand enjoys today. From 2008-2018, the company noted an increase in revenue from $108,026 million to $138,250 million and there doesn’t seem to be anything in their sights slowing them down.

From such a solid foundation was born the company’s minivan concept in 1994. The Odyssey is now in its fifth generation of production and has witnessed such growth that the Japan-based company built a plant on American soil located at Lincoln, Alabama. With the capacity to build a roomier minivan, the Odyssey rose to the top of its class in no time at all.

The second generation (1999-2004) saw a jump in power from 210 horsepower to 240. Then from 2005-2010, the third generation expanded in girth and upgraded with a face lift. Generation number four from 2011-2017 gave us another face lift accompanied by a lower roof line and some revised style lines. The present fifth generation model began in 2018 and revealed a lighter transmission housed in a longer and leaner body.

Features the Odyssey is known for are its smooth handling, multi-configurable second row seating and style. The current 2020 Odyssey celebrates its 25th anniversary! Such a milestone is worthy of celebration as this minivan has held its ground over the course of both the SUV and Crossover Eras.

What Can We Expect from the 2021 Honda Odyssey?

Not much in terms of major change is expected for the newest in the fifth generation. Some updates to the front and rear are predicted as rumored images reveal a concealed bumper and front end. It is believed we will see a new grille and lighting features on the front as well as a change in the bumper on a more subdued rear end.

Although rumors of a hybrid version continue to swirl, there has not been any evidence to support such speculations. With an expected debut onto the automotive scene next summer, buyers could get behind the wheel before the end-of-the-year holiday rush.

What are Reviewers Saying about the Odyssey?

Kelley Blue Book recognizes the Honda Odyssey as a force to be reckoned with in the minivan market. They have awarded the Odyssey their “Best Buy Award” in five of the last six years. And it’s no wonder with all of its impressive features. With a 3.5L V6 engine, there has been an impressive insulation on-board that aids in the cancellation of road and air noise creating a cozier cabin for all 8 passengers. KBB utilizes new car buyers’ voices to decide which models are attracting buyers and Honda delivers with four vehicles in its brand receiving this honor.

Here are some pros and cons of the current 2020 model. Pros include a built-in vacuum, 5-star safety rating and the ultimate in comfort and drive. Cons to be noted are the lack of an all-wheel drive option, no 360 degree camera and no hybrid option.

How Does the 2021 Odyssey Fair with the Competition?

In comparison with both the Chrysler Pacifica and Toyota Sienna for a winner in car seat safety, the Odyssey took the blue ribbon both times. The race was a little closer against the Sienna, but the Odyssey edged into first with its Latch score in both the second and third row seating. And Latch score is a pretty important criterion as most buyers in the minivan market are cruising around with more than one car seat user in house.

Although both are similar in terms of reliability, resale, and safety, the Odyssey offers a roomier ride for larger families. The Odyssey also boasts a 10-speed automatic transmission, multiple second-row seating configuration options unmatched in its class, a built-in vacuum, and an infotainment system including Apple car play on the touch screen.

2021 Honda Odyssey Facts

This family mobile can get you to practice, the game or the grocery store in both style and comfort. With an unprecedented multi-function second row, the options are endless in terms of how and what you can haul. The aisle space is larger as well, so the cabin offers a roomier ride for those on-board.

A combined 22 mpg accompanies the 280 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque with available lane assist, Honda Link, and a collision mitigation braking system to ward off potential crashes. The built-in vacuum is a functional asset for keeping up with the abundance of child-related messes and pet hair.

All of these appealing features come with a standard 10-speed automatic transmission under the hood. It’s no wonder why the Odyssey continues to reign as the powerhouse in the minivan department with a current 8.1 out of 10 score from Edmunds, taking the top seat at the podium.

2021 Honda Odyssey Price & Release Date

As previously mentioned, the expected debut is set for summer 2020. Although no price has been mentioned, it is safe to say it will be similar to the current model starting around $31,000. Those wanting to be on the front seat are likely to get behind the wheel before the end of the 2020 calendar year. With such a strong reputation, there is little upon which to improve. Do you think 2021 will be the year Honda finally adds a hybrid model to the Odyssey lineup? Only time will tell.

Image impressions from the older models as found on Honda’s newsroom on .

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