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2021 Honda Accord – Release Date, Interior, Exterior & Price

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2021 Honda Accord Preview

2021 Honda Accord Preview


The Accord mid-size sedan has been one of Honda’s best selling models in the United States since 1979. It is at its tenth iteration that started in 2017. The 2021 model will be mid cycle. Honda has perfected the production and we expect a minor refresh of the Accord.

We expect the 2021 Honda Accord to hit the showrooms in the fall of 2020. Will the Honda sedan break the downward trend or will the US market keep favoring the compact SUV’s and trucks?

2021 Honda Accord will face Toyota competition

Will the 2021 Honda Accord be able to compete with the popular Toyota Camry? The Accord did beat the Camry in most cart tests in 2018 but will the 2021 Honda Accord still be the best of the two?

It will also be in competition with the Hyundai Sonata. We suspect and hope Honda will change a little, especially for the in-car entertainment option. Honda has integrated Apple Carplay, a feature we dearly enjoy! We do expect some minor visual updates for the 2021 model.

Other competition from sedan type cars seem unimaginable. Car companies have been dropping investments in Sedans. We expect the sales of sedan will keep being crushed by truck and SUV sales.

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Here comes trouble

The Honda Accord is rumored to be in trouble. Why? The Accord has been known for decades to be a good value for money option. Reliability and a quality build have for lang been linked to the Honda brand.

Honda has never been generous with rebates and discounts but has been offering a $750 loyalty discount for existing Accord owners. Since this type of discounts eats the carmakers profit margins we highly suspect this is a last resort measure to bump car sale figures.

Honda officially stated it would not drop the Accord from its lineup, but the model has already been scrapped from the product line in Europe. Other car brands have already scrapped their sedan models. The Ford Fusion is dead, the Chevrolet Impala has been shot and the Buick Lacrosse is no longer in the game. Let’s see if this model year will have a 2021 Honda accord redesign that will appeal to the potential buyers.

2021 Honda Accord Specifications

We suspect the 2021 Accord will offer the same 1.6 and 2L 16 valve engine options. This would bring between 192 and 272hp for the 2L motor. There is a sports version with optional manual transmission for the less lazy drivers among us. We hope to see a hybrid 2021 Honda Accord.

The front-wheel drive in the base model is noting that is very exciting. Active and passive safety features will be offered, as well as driver assistance technology.

Note that Adaptive cruise control, the blind spot information system are only available for the Touring model. All models have a Wifi tethering option so you can stay online wherever you are and surf for more reviews. The touring model is a station wagon edition of the sedan with a lot of additional premium trim options.

What do Accord owners think of their car?

When going through the recent user reviews owners do seem to have issues with reliability. Accord drivers mention a lot of transmission failures early in the life of the car.

Others point out that the car is very well built for its price, you can have an Accord with a top trim at the price of an entry level BMW or Audi. It feels luxurious and drives great. As for the safety features most users feel they are adequate.

There are some complaints of seats being uncomfortable and a lot of users complain of back pain while driving. But maybe that is just because the Honda had its peak popularity in the 70’s and most drivers from that era are 40 years older now.

2021 Honda Accord Pricing and Release Date

You drive out of the showroom with a base Honda Accord model for about 24000$. If you are a previous owner and bought a Honda Accord after 2009 you will get a $750 customer loyalty rebate. Expect the new 2021 Honda Account in the showrooms in November 2020. In 2020 Honda is expected to announce the new model year.

Is it worth keeping alive this line of sedans? Leave your opinion about this midsize sedan in our comments below!

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