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2021 Ford Ranger – Mid-Size Truck Preview

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2021 Ford Ranger

2021 Ford Ranger


The 2021 Ford Ranger Combines Fuel Efficiency, High Payload, and Advanced Technology in a Mid-Sized Truck

Discover the 2021 Ford Ranger

Do you want the power of a full-size truck without the bulk? The 2021 Ford Ranger gives you the ability to haul trailers, perform lightweight work, and move large items with the ease of a smaller vehicle size.

This light duty truck is easy to maneuver into small spaces but offers adequate towing capacity and payload. First developed in 1983 as a compact pickup truck, the Ranger was later offered in both a supercab and crew cab.

It also received an engine update to a powerful 4L engine that generated 210 horsepower. In the early 2000’s, the Ranger received a facelift and mechanical specifications were left untouched through 2011.

Efficient fuel economy and massive engine power in such a small vehicle make the Ford Ranger a unique vehicle.

What Can Buyers Expect from the 2021 Model of the Ford Ranger?

After an eight-year break in production, the Ford Ranger made its way back to the U.S. in 2019. The global Ranger T6 is the current model in production and has been modified slightly to fit government specifications.

Sold in SuperCab and SuperCrew configurations, the Ranger still models the first generation look and feel. When GM decided to put more focus on their midsize truck line, including the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon, Ford took notice and decided to spice up the Ranger for a new release.

With re-worked architecture and Ford’s signature turbocharged 2.3L engine, 10-speed automatic transmission and advanced safety features, the Ford Ranger workhorse is back in town.

What’s the Buzz About the 2021 Model of the Ford Ranger?

We are expecting the 2021 Ranger to come back with a big bang. This vehicle currently sits at a ranking of 4.0 out of 5.0 stars in a consumer rating environment. Benefits of the Ranger include good fuel economy, powerful tow rating, impressive engine, and advanced apps.

However, the downfalls are based on a single engine/transmission choice, limited configurations, and unknown reliability. In 2020, the Ford Ranger saw the introduction of an FX2 Off-Road Package, three additional paint color choices, dual-zone automatic climate control for the XLT and Lariat models, and inclusion of Sirius and XM3 for XLT and Lariat models.

Based on these changes, we can only imagine what is to come in the 2021 model. Enhanced safety features, additional integrated technology, and better performance options can be expected.

Ford Ranger Speculations for the 2021 Model Year

A new generation of the Ford Ranger is expected for the 2021 and 2022 models. A more aggressive hood, chrome grill-like bumper, and sleek C-shaped fog lights were seen on the model that was being discretely operated in Melbourne, Australia as a prototype.

An off-road version of a Ranger that features the details of a Raptor is circulating rumors around the U.S. With the vast rise in immediate technological changes, it can be assumed that the Ford Ranger will include a few innovative pieces of technology in even the most basic model in an attempt to remain mainstream.

The Ford 2021 generation Ranger Reigns Over Competitors

The Toyota Tacoma is a fierce competitor for the Ford Ranger. Yet, the Ford Ranger has many advantages over the Tacoma. A quality powertrain, better EPA rating, additional torque, an increased payload, enhanced technology and a better variety of safety features are just a few of these advantages that the Ford Ranger possesses.

The Jeep Gladiator has also made its way into the mid-size truck arena but has consistently been pushed out by the Ranger due to its lack of off-road gear and tech that the Ranger possesses.

Need to Know Facts About the 2021 Ford Ranger

Small, but mighty. The Ford Ranger has a lot of punch in an economically sized package. Here a few features about the Ranger truck model:

  • Safety: In 5 of 6 crash tests, the Ford Ranger received a crash test rating of “good,” just falling short of IIHS accolades. Though it wasn’t eligible for Top Safety Pick, the Ranger performed admirably in crash testing. The impact and reaction themselves did not rule out safety excellence for this vehicle, but the headlights did.
  • Fuel Economy: Earning top fuel economy ratings amongst mid-sized pick-up trucks, the Ranger is one of the most fuel-efficient truck models available. 21 city and 26 highway mpg can be achieved with the help of newer Ford Ranger models.
  • Interior Features: The interior of a Ford Ranger is mediocre at best. With a bit of a dated design, this truck offers generous second-row seating in SuperCrew models. Infotainment and technological items are user-friendly and basic.
  • External Attributes: While the Ranger maintains its nostalgic structure, the exterior is modern and eye-catching. A smaller grill and more compact bed give this pickup an edgy appearance.
  • Driving Comfort: Despite its smaller size, the Ford Ranger is all about comfort. Supportive front seats give way to eight-way, power-adjustable seat positions. Two complete seats of rear LATCH seats for car seat installation ease are included.
  • Engine Options: Though the Ranger offers 3 all-terrain models, including the XL, XLT and Lariat, only one engine selection is currently available. The turbocharged 2.3L 4-cylinder engine is completed up to 270 hp and 310 lb.-ft. torque production.
  • Reliability: One of the first things that consumers consider about a vehicle is its reliability. This is a class that the Ford Ranger excels in. There are no questions about the reliability of this vehicle, even when up against comparable vehicles.
  • Vehicle Type: The Ford Ranger is a light-duty truck with a compact frame. It is stood the test of time as a short vehicle that boasts reliability and durability in the toughest of conditions.

How Much will a 2021 Ford Ranger Cost and When Will It Be Released?

The current MSRP of a 2020 Ford Rangers is around $24,000. With safety upgrades and technological advances, the 2021 model can be expected to cost a bit more. While we know the next generation of the Ford Ranger will be coming in 2021 or 2022, the exact date is hard to pinpoint. The 2020 Ford Ranger was released in late 2019, so we can expect that the 2021 or 2022 release will occur during the same time frame. Also check its bigger brother the 2021 ford f-150.

Open for Discussion

What are your thoughts on the new Ford Ranger? Will it uphold its previous notoriety in convenience and safety in an economical package or will we see a completely revamped truck?

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