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2021 Ford Ecosport Preview, Price & Release Date

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2021 Ford Ecosport

2020 Ford Ecosport


There’s a lot of hype behind the latest version of the 2021 Ford Ecosport. It is to debut later this year. The Ecosport has been known to European buyers since its introduction in 2012, but in other countries, such as the United States, this new and exciting version of vehicle is gaining traction. The original version mirrored the body type of the Ford Fiesta which was considered a small sports utility (SUV). Nowadays, this vehicle looks to debut at an estimated $21,000 with a beautiful design, exceptional cabin and superior engine design. The cargo area has been enlarged and there is an optional upgrade to an all-wheel drive. You will enjoy the technological enhancements in the infotainment system, 10 additional hue options and expanded background light solutions.

What can we expect from the 2021 Ecosport

The expectations for this generation Ford Ecosport is due to come with the new all-wheel-drive package. The grille has been redesigned to allow for an attractive appeal while the vehicle approaches. In addition, its new front-end is very cool and fresh. The freshness of the 2021 model makes it a very attractive smaller in the smalles SUV segment and it gets the attention that it deserves from its consumers.

We had the chance to preview the latest version at the European car motorshow.

The cabin has a sporty look too. Its infotainment system is compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Google’s Android Automotive system. The touchscreen display has been expanded to an estimated 8-inches. We love this lager touchscreen. The technology has been integrated and rivals no one. There is an available option to allow your smart phone to lock and unlock the vehicle.

The seating is exceptionally comfortable and the background lighting is perfect. This second generation Ecosport is anticipated to come in four available trims. Some suggest that there will be an S, Titanium and even an SES model. Each trim has its own ergonomical design to be better than previous trims available in the 2020 model. You can expect parking assistance and exceptional cruise control.

What users tell us about the 2021 Ford Ecosport

In the competitive subcompact-crossover SUV class, the 2021 model is one of a kind. Customers love the maneuverability of the SUV. The 3-cylinder Ecoboost engine keeps the vehicle fuel efficient that complements the traditions of the Ford family DNA. It said that the vehicle looks sharp. It has a very distinctive rear door allows for easier entry into the cargo space. Driver’s rave about how the control and handling is superb. Control like this allows a driver to enjoy a comfortable ride whether in the city or highway.

The 2021 EcoSport is one of the few in its class that provides a selection of engines. Based on the EcoSport’s ability to maximize its power, it makes this model more efficient. What is lovable is that it averages about 28 miles per gallon on the highway. The combination of steering and suspension allow the vehicle to provide a less bumpy ride off-road.

During the ride, users were quite complementary of the amount of wind reduction, being nominal at best. While the EcoSport may be a new vehicle for many in the United States, it has been modernized, upgraded and technologically enhanced by the engineers as the days of his origin of 2012.

2021 Ford Ecosport

The newest Ecosport is rumored to have an improved body style along with enhanced technology. It will be powered by using a 1.05-liter EcoBoost engine. The Sync 3 system is designed to quickly enable a strong connection with most hand held devices. With the new design of the Ecosport, it shows an improved and sleeker look. The higher placement of the vehicle improves the exterior and allows for the driver to have an expanded view of the road at night.

2021 Ecosport versus its competitors

When it comes to the Ecosport’s competitors in its class, the Ecosport is much less expensive to own. Being considered as one of the most durable SUVs, there is no competition when it comes to the combination of fuel efficiency, attractiveness, design and its comfortability of its passengers. It also comes with rearview camera assistance along with a blind spot monitoring system.

This is compact SUV is utilized by the guide book switching in conjunction with having a six-pace automated transmission. This compliments an engine that produces 167 horsepower and 149 lb-feet of torque. With the power inside of this design, the upcoming Ecosport can get to an estimated 110 miles per hour.

There are two engine choices that are available by:

• The structure engine
• The actual non-obligatory plus engine

The structure engine typically has three cylinders and is combined with a 1.-litre EcoBoost. On the other hand, the actual non-obligatory plus is typically a 2.-litre that allows for 167 hp. With either option, competition will find it very difficult to overcome the fuel efficiency incorporated into the modernizations that has been infused into the technology of the engine. Both engines are rated in the top-tier of engines made for vehicles of its size. The engineering and research that was put into the engines has made the Ford Ecosport an envious extension of the second-generation model.

2021 Ford Ecosport car facts


As of now, the Ecosport does not have any collision tests that have been made available to the public. However, it comes loaded with two functions such as the rearview camera and a blind spot monitoring system.


The interior cabin is specifically designed for a sporty enthusiast on a budget. The interior provides simple technology that makes the riding experience fun. The front seating is very comparable with additional legroom and technology.

External look:

The exterior has the look of a little muscleman. Its span is measured just north of 161 ins. The roof is sloped which will attractive more light and the trunk is equipped with a Sportsback-style.

Driving comfort and the driving experience:

The driving experience has consistently exceeded expectations. Due to the ergonomically designed seats, drivers marvel at their ability to control and handle the steering wheel with ease. With the infotainment system just an arm’s length away, safety and comfort go hand-in-hand.

Engine options:

The 2021 Ecosport comew with two engine opitions availabley:

• The structure engine
• The actual non-obligatory plus engine

Each engine is well respected in its class and comes with high marks when it comes to quality and reliability.


The Ford Ecosport is not only a reliable model for those on a budget but also has a “Ford Tough” brand that rivals any competitor in the world. It sustains itself as reliable in both the Eastern and Western hemispheres either on- or off-road.

Type of car:

The new Ford Ecosport is ideal for any purchaser that is looking for a fun and “budget friendly” vehicle. The quality of the vehicle is built to last and is extended with normal maintenance and owner’s care. Comparable SUV’s are the 2021 Buick Enclave and the 2021 Chevrolet Trax.

2021 Ecosport price and expected release date

The new EcoSport 2021 is set to arrive during the summer months and is set to begin its pricing in the neighborhood of $21,000. Of course, you can select the trim that fits you best.

There is no contest as to which subcompact SUV not only fits your budget but lower your cost of ownership. This vehicle is backed by the Ford brand and is establishing itself as a popular and reliable sporty SUV. Due to its reliability, you will feel safe during either on- or off-road activities.

Waiting on the 2021 Ford Ecosport is a good idea, don’t you think so?

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