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2021 Acura RDX Price, Preview & Release Date

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2021 Acura RDX

2021 Acura RDX


The 2021 Acura RDX will have a 10 speed automatic.

RDX History And Innovation

Acura is the luxury division of Honda. The Acura line first became available in North America in 1986. What would become the Acura RDX was first presented at the 2006 New York Auto Show as the RD-X concept car. In August of 2006, the RDX became available for purchase.

The only available engine for the first generation RDX was the four-cylinder 2.3 liter 4 K23A1. The RDX’s four-cylinder engine made it an anomaly among its luxury SUV peers. Being turbocharged made the first-generation RDX unique within the Honda automotive line.

A turbocharger doesn’t respond the instant the accelerator is depressed. While idling like at a stop sign the decreased flow of exhaust gasses to the turbo slows the turbocharger’s RPMs. The time that it takes for the turbocharger to get up to speed after the throttle is opened is called turbo lag.

The variable flow turbocharger on the 4 K23A1 maintained a higher flow of exhaust gasses to the turbo during idling. The increased exhaust flow kept the turbo spinning faster decreasing turbo lag.

Speculating About The 2021 RDX

The latest incarnation of the RDX debuted in 2019. Based on the average lifespan of an automotive generation it is unlikely that a new generation of RDX will be introduced after only two years.

While the aesthetics of the 2021 Acura RDX will likely remain unchanged there are rumors about a significant mechanical change for the next model year.

We will talk more about that change later on. Using the 2020 RDX as a template the standard power train for the 2021 RDX will be front-wheel-drive. All-wheel-drive will be available as a $2,000 option. The driver will be able to place the 2021 RDX in one of four driving mode

  • Comfort mode
  • Snow mode
  • Sport mode
  • Sport Plus mode

A suite of safety features called Honda Watch will be standard on the 2021 RDX. The safety features will be Adaptive Cruise Control, Collision Mitigation Braking System, Lane Keeping Assist System, and Road Departure Mitigation.

The 2021 RDX will offer three option packages, the Advanced Package, A-Spec Package, and the Technology Package. These packages will add $4,900, $3,000, and $3,200 respectively to the sticker price.

Ask The Person Who Owns One

Owners give the 2020 Acura RDX 4.2 out of 5 stars. Eighty-six percent of owners would recommend the RDX to potential buyers. The one reoccurring complaint with the RDX is with the Infotainment system and voice command.

Despite Honda’s claims that their Infotainment system has been made more intuitive owners complain about it being too complicated to figure out and too unreliable once they figure it out.

The grievances with the voice command system are that it is too slow to respond and the necessity of repeating the same command multiple times. Additional complaints about the Infotainment system are that even after the vehicle has been shut off the Infotainment system continues to draw juice draining the battery when the vehicle is parked.

Owners gave the RDX a perfect score for comfort and outside design. Interior styling, performance, and reliability the RDX was given a nearly perfect score of 4.5 stars. Under the heading of Value, the RDX received 4-out-5 stars. A small number of owners told of having issues with a persistent rattle.

RDX vs Other Small SUVs

2021 Audi Q-5: The base sticker price for the RDX is $3550 lower than Audi’s starting price. On the highway, both vehicles get 27 mpg. In town, Audi’s 22 mpg rating edges out the RDX by 1 mpg. Both vehicles seat five and with the exception of front-seat headroom the RDX affords passengers more overall space.

Overall cargo volume is 58.9 cubic feet for the Acura and 53.1 cubic feet for the Audi. Both SUVs received five-star safety ratings in all areas except the Rollover rating in which both vehicles received four stars. The RDX and Q-5 are propelled by four-bangers with the RDX delivering 24 more horses.

2021 BMW X3 : The X-3 costs significantly more than the RDX, $51,325 vs $37,405. The RDX is rated 21 mpg/city 27 mpg/highway. The fuel economy rating for the X-3 is 20 mpg/city 27 mpg/highway.

In terms of passenger comfort the only area in which the BMW wins is the front-seat headroom. The RDX offers slightly more cargo room than the Beemer.

The X-3 delivers 355 horsepower as compared to the Acura’s 272 horses. With the exception of the Rollover rating (4 stars for both), the BMW and Acura received 5 stars in all safety test categories. The X-3 has a greater cargo volume.

The 2021 Acura RDX

The 2021 RDX will be a small aka compact SUV. There is no standard for defining a small SUV other than its measurements fall between those of a mini and mid-sized SUV.

There will only be one engine offered in the 2021 RDX. That engine will be a 2.0-liter four-cylinder that generates 272 ponies. With front-wheel-drive, the RDX should deliver 22 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway.

The A-Spec version with all-wheel-drive should cover 21 and 26 miles between refuelings. What will be new for 2021 will be a standard 10-speed push-button automatic transmission. Rumor is that the RDX will lose 46 pounds and be almost 2.5 inches longer.

The A-Spec package will come with 20-inch rims and blacked-out chrome. The interior will be a two-row configuration with capacity for five passengers. The 29.5 cubic feet of storage space doubles with the rear seats folded down.

Projected Release Date

On the low end, the 2021 RDX will retail for $37,500. The top-of-the-line Advanced Package with AWD brings the price up to $49,000. The 2021 RDX is projected to appear on dealer lots during or after June of 2020.

Do you think Acura should offer more than one engine for the RDX type compact crossover?

Images Based on most recent model years, source: Honda Presskit.

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