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2020 BMW 7 series review

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2020 BMW 7 review

2020 BMW 7 review


2020 BMW 7 A classy facelift

The 2020 BMW 7 series has undergone a serious facelift. To appeal more to the appeal of Asian and especially Chinese buyers the 2020 BMW 7 has been fitted with a large grille. Combined with the new headlights and the chrome linings the new 7 series is a great car for flexing.

The massive 2020 BMW 7 Grille
The 2020 BMW 7 Grille

Car designer Adrian Van Hooydonk realised his mission to upgrade the looks of the 7 series. It now looks less like the BMW 5 series but more like a Rolls Royce. The backside might now look like a 3 series but the distinct chrome lining is a clear differentiator. Also note that the typical analog clocks have been replaced by digital ones. Also bear in mind that there is an L edition of this car, this is the version that is often depicted. It has a longer base that the regular 2020 7 series.

The 745E: a new plug-in hybrid BMW

The 745E is a new model. Previous editions of the BMW 7 series also featured a plug in hybrid, but this one is different. But the pervious plugin hybrid only had a V4 engine. The 2020 Plug in hybrid has been upgraded to a more lofty V6 engine. The previous generation BMW 7 with the V4 drove like a V6. It is very difficult to compare the new plug-in hybrid with the previous generation, but we can say that the miles you can pull from the electric motor have gone up. That is mainly due to the upgrade from the batteries under the backseats: the BMW 7 plugin hybrid now carries 12 instead op 9.2 kWh in it’s lithium-ion batteries. This should enable drivers to drive around 30 miles without guzzling gas. Once drivers hit 30 miles the new plugin hybrid is like any other gas powered car.

Navigational Power

The BMW 7 2020 Navigation System

The navigational onboard computersystem will help the driver get the maximum out of the electric/gas combination. The battery gets a recharge outside the city limits. In general the car will run electric within the city limits and the batteries will recharge on highways or longer trips. BMW made the process of shifting between driving modes as easy as possible. There are three main modes, Hybrid, Sportmode and full electric. The car recharges while braking in a very subtle way, the switch between the electric drive and the V6 is very smooth and barely notable. The main advantage of the 3L engine instead of the 2L engine is that the engine needs to perform less to deliver the required performance. This leads to a reduction in MPG cost and extremely low carbon emissions, one of the better results for car in this class.

We expected more Oomph

The BMW 7 2020, one sexy beast
The BMW 7 series 2020 – one sexy beast

While the previous version the 740e sported 326HP and the new 745E brings in 394HP the actual performance does not differ much. The 754E only shaves off a few 100 milliseconds when going from 0 to 60.

2020 BMW 7 Quality Perception

The 2020 BMW 7 is extremely silent, there is absolutely almost no sound inside the car while driving. This was one of the requirements of the global refresh. But compared to the Mercedes S class we feel BMW is still missing some finesse. We also noted a modernized entertainment system as with the 3 series. Voice command are passed with much more fluency. Another new feature are the wellness programs: you can now choose relaxing settings with adapted sound, temperatures, lights and even a seat massage. The dashboard lost its analog clock faces. They have been replaces with a large display and a usable navigational system.

The 2020 BMW 7 is Aiming for Perfection

The 2020 BW interior
2020 BMW 7 Interior

Nifty extra features perfect this car. Windshield wipers gradually build up their wiping speeds. Gestures that help you control the entertainment system. Small details like this raise the quality perception. Extravagant options are also on the menu like nappaleather and extra thickened side windows. BMW also scrapped the entry models, a new 7 will suck at least 90000 USD out of your wallet but they all have at least a V6 engine. The higher end options are a 530HP engine and a V12-biturbo.

Electric future

Unlike Mercedes, the 2020 BMW 7 series is not coming with a full electric option in the coming years. It limits its electric ambition for the 7 series to hybrid models. Not considering the absence of a full electric option the BMW is becoming a match for the Mercedes S Line. The new 7 series of the Mercedes S class? Share your opinion below! Our score: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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