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2017 Volkswagen Passat Features, Specs, Price, and Release Date – Limited Edition, S, SE, SEL, Sport, Wolfsburg, TDI, and V6 SEL Models

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2017 Volkswagen Passat Features, Specs, Price, and Release Date

A fan favorite for those looking for a mid-sized passenger car has always been the Volkswagen Passat. The feature rich Passat has taken on a whole new meaning in recent years adding a much sportier look and many new features which has helped make it what it is today. The 2017 Volkswagen Passat only enhancing all the best features while taking away some of the nuances that consumers pointed out in last year’s model.

The 2017 Volkswagen Passat is a refreshing look on a luxurious mid-sized sedan that offers superior quality, great efficiency, and plenty of room to accommodate the entire family. At first sight, you can see the high attention to detail of German engineered cars, but the amazing look that other made in America sedans have been trying to achieve.

2017 Volkswagen Passat Features, Specs, Price, and Release Date

The following preview/review for the 2017 Volkswagen Passat features, specs, price, and release date gives you a great idea of things to come for all models including the Limited Edition, S, SE, SEL, Sport, Wolfsburg, TDI, and V6 SEL Models.

2017 Volkswagen Passat Features and Specs

The 2017 Volkswagen Passat features and specs will be even more refined with rumors on a slight redesign to both the exterior and interior. Probably the most consistent rumors suggest a higher quality leather interior which would help with previous complaints of the poor faux leather quality. We’re also hearing the seats, primarily the back seats will be much more comfortable in all 2017 models.

Previous models have excelled on the amount of leg room offered, multimedia options, good acceleration, and extremely efficient mileage will all be seen in the new 2017 VW Passat. The TDI Clean diesel engine has become very popular with consumers as it emits less harmful emissions, and provides much more bang for your buck.

The engine options will be many including two 4 cylinder options and a V6. Coming with a 1.8 liter 170-hp, 2.0 liter 150-hp, or V6 premium with 280-hp. There will be many transmission options including both 5 and 6 speed along with manual, automatic, and auto-manual shifting.

2017 Volkswagen Passat Price and Release Date

For a mid-sized luxury car, the 2017 Volkswagen Passat price will be very comparable with other manufacturers. Starting at about $22,200 for the 1.8T S 4 door sedan featuring a 1.8 liter regular gas engine and up to $37,000 for the premium model featuring a 3.6 liter V6 engine.

We expect the Passat to be launched beside all other 2017 Volkswagens during the fourth quarter of 2016. The official announcement should come during the late summer which will give us all the confirmations on things to come, and we’ll update you as soon as that happens.

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