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2017 Toyota Highlander Review – Engine, Fuel Economy, Trim Models, Release Date, and Price

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Toyota has been introducing their latest 4th generation vehicles in market especially the Highlander. For this year they have a new concept for the 2017 Toyota Highlander that will bring back the best and fix the worst of the current model. It will be one of top notch vehicles within the generations categorized as SUV that will offer great balance of luxury, performance, and comfort. In technology development a lot of ideas have been put into place meaning improved safety, entertainment, and so much more. Nothing is going to be left within the 2017 Highlander as seen on the ouside, inside, and underneath the hood.

Below, this 2017 Toyota Highlander review takes a closer look at the engine, fuel economy, trim models, , release date, and price.

2017 Toyota Highlander Review – Engine, Fuel Economy, Trim Models, Release Date, and Price

2017 Toyota Highlander Engine and Fuel Economy

Though the development of the car is still in the initial stages, the 2017 Toyota Highlander engine is to be a hybrid of 2 gasoline engines. The variants of the engine will include the following:-

  • 7 liter V6 liter engine that is turbo charged which will be the base model. The engine is to produce around 200HP of power with 180 lbs. of torque
  • 0 liter with 16 valve configuration of the DOHC, it’s rumored to generate up to 270 HP of power plus a 250 lbs of torque feet.

The engine will run on a 6 transmission automatic gearbox which has 25 MPg less fuel economy. Some of the add-ons will include top notch stability control, improved traction control, a dynamic torque control and anti-lock braking with the anti-roll system. When it comes to fuel consumption, efficiency has been checked due to improved technology. The rating for EPA is also good as they are reduced emission of carbon with better fuel reusability. The interior has undergone a total revamp thus a luxurious car.

2017 Toyota Highlander Models

The 2017 Toyota Highlander will be available in 5 trim levels, the LE, XLE, LE Plus, and the limited that has a hybrid version. The features of the car will vary in nature for the five models. The features for the new model may not be available for lower trim models .For the exterior the car is to have new LED lights ,also they is an improved frame for the body plus use of alloy wheels.

The interior will offer touch screen of 5.0 inch interface, HD Radio, connectivity will be wireless.2017 Toyota Highlander will also have a better navigation system that has climate control options. Parking assistants will vary from the makes. They are also rear view camera and the safety features are excellent such as pressure monitoring for tires, child support system and disk ventilation.

2017 Toyota Highlander Release Date and Price

We are yet to know the exact price for the highlander 2017 for international customers, but some of the sources suggest it will cost around $30000-$45000 for both versions. With an official announcement which should come early 2016, we fully expect the release date will come in around September to October of 2016 for most markets. Asian consumers will see the new Highlander first before making it’s way to the US and many European markets later in the year to early 2017.

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