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2017 Ford Focus Features, Specs, Price, and Release Date – S, SE, Electric, and Titanium Models

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2017 Ford Focus Review on

2017 Ford Focus Review


The Ford Focus has been one of the top-selling compact cars that has been appealing to those looking for some of the top features in a car while not having to pay the price for one. Ford has done a great job with the concept of the Focus as they’ve proven that value can live up to consumer expectations for those looking to get the most for less. With the 2017 Ford Focus looking to improve on the budget minded concept while making it even more efficient while not having to sacrificing on anything on the inside or outside.

The 2017 Ford Focus looks to be another great choice for consumers getting a best in-class efficiency for a mid-sized sedan. With both a sedan and hatchback styling option and the very popular Turbo option will once again be seen. For those looking for the very best in savings, there will be an electric version that will give you more than 110 miles in the city.

2017 Ford Focus Features, Specs, Price, and Release Date

Taking a closer look at the 2017 Ford Focus features, specs, price, and release date info in this complete preview/review for all upcoming models including the S, SE, Electric, and Titanium model.

2017 Ford Focus Features and Specs – S, SE, Electric, and Titanium Models

There have been many leaks on the new 2017 Ford Focus features and specs, and with all we’ve seen so far it’s easy to see why consumer interest is so high, so soon. The very best of the 2016 model look to be included which will be the attractive styling, great fuel efficiency, advanced safety features for a mid-sized sedan, and superior handling.

Some of what we’re hoping to see improved is what consumer disliked about the 2016 model which include an automatic 3-cylinder option, more back seat space, more standard features keeping the optional package price down, and more multimedia options for those in the back seat. Starting out, the price of the base models is extremely competitive, but with numerous options to consider the cost can be quite expensive.

Probably the most anticipated model is the 2017 Ford Focus Electric. Those looking for one of the most efficient cars will find just that with the 100% electric only ride. With no gas, no oil, and an extremely green driving experience, the Focus Electric may be the only all-electric car worth considering. Loaded with many interior premium options which will help make the ride that much better including Bluetooth technology, premium audio system, comfortable leather seating options, and so much more.

Information on the engine specs include an I-3 option with a 1.0 liter 123-hp engine and two I-4 options featuring a 2.0 liter 159-hp and 2.0 liter with more than 160-horsepower. The transmission options should include both a 5 and 6 speed auto, manual, and auto-manual transmissions. For the gas only models, you can expect to get an estimated 27-28 MPG/city and 37-41 MPG/highway.

2017 Ford Focus Price and Release Date – S, SE, Electric, and Titanium Models

The latest rumors on the upcoming 2017 Focus price for all models including the S, SE, Electric, and Titanium can all be found below:

Model Price
2017 Ford Focus S Price Starting at $17,600
2017 Ford Focus SE Price Starting at $18,900
2017 Ford Focus Electric Price Starting at $29,700
2017 Ford Focus Titanium Price Starting at $23,700

It sounds like the 2017 Ford Focus release date will be slated for the fall to winter months of 2016. Initially, consumers will be able to find the new Focus on a limited supply at a local Ford retailer, but it won’t be until later in the 4th quarter until there will be enough models in circulation to go around. The new Focus, especially the extremely efficient Electric model is already getting a lot of attention which is leading us to believe it will be one of the best-sellers from the very beginning.

As soon as the launch announcement is made which should take place just before the end of the 2016 summer, we’ll be updating you with all the latest confirmations on the 2017 Ford Focus features, specs, price, and release date.

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  1. We have owned a 2005, 2009, and a 2013 Focus. There were alignment issues that chewed up tires on all 3 models (especially the ’05 and ’09). There was a transmission issue on the ’13. Have these problems been fixed on the 2017?

  2. Tried to find the price on the titanium why is there a lot of beating around the bush can’t find any figures what are the prices. Angry before I even find out.shouldn’t be that hard .lol

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