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2017 BMW X3 Review – Interior, Exterior, Engine, Release Date, and Price

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In secret and when very few people are actually on the look out, these  engineers of one of the best selling car brands in the world are slowly and steadily coming up with the next generation of the BMW x3. Time will only tell what the premiere German auto manufacturer has in-store for us with the luxury SUV, but we’ve obtained the information that everyone wants to know.

The new X3 is the second generation which has borrowed so many of its features from the past model. This means that it will not have so much unique features of its own, and the 2017 BMW X3 will fall in a class of its own. Its exterior design has borrowed a lot from the current model, but slight enhancements will bring out the very best of what was missing. The tall front and the sharp taillight which stretches up to the grille is a style which it has borrowed from the x5 and x6 model will be one of the defining characteristics, but this is only a fraction of what we’ll see.

2017 BMW X3 Review – Interior, Exterior, Engine, Release Date, and Price

Below, the following 2017 BMW X3 review takes a closer look at the new interior, exterior, engine specs, release date, and price.

2017 BMW X3 Review – Interior, Exterior, and Engine Specs

In as much as this 2017 BMW X3 will be coming with some of the new updates, it would not be possible to see any of the changes by using your naked eye. They are actually hidden changes which have been made to enhance the performance of the vehicle rather than its look. It will be coming with a brand new modular platform. This is a feature that will serve BMW’s future sedans, coupes and cross overs.

It has also been discovered that a heavy vehicle wastes a lot of fuel. It is for this reason that most of the present day car manufacturers are making sure that their products are as light as reasonably possible. The designers of the x3 have also been able to achieve this. This car is made of aluminium, high strength steel and carbon fiber. These are very light materials which have been able to make the vehicle become 200 pounds lighter than the previous model.

The company has been heard to say that it is on a mission to improve all the brands of vehicles it has ever produced. It is therefore little wonder that the x3 will be part of the list.  This car will be having a gasoline electric plug-in drive train. The 2017 BMW X3 engine will consist of a compact electric motor with an eight speed automatic transmission and a twin turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline burning engine.

When the two power sources are on and operational, the electric-gas drivetrain will be capable of coming up with 328 horsepower. On the other hand, the electric motor will have the capacity to single handedly power the machine for a maximum of 30 miles.

Overall, the best we can say as per now is that the forthcoming 2017 BMW X3 will be a lot better than the current model. This can be attributed to the improved and new features that it is expected to come with.            It comes with an improved range of the intelligence system such as cross traffic detection and the ability to drive by itself.

2017 BMW X3 Review – Release Date and Price

For now, the official release date and price have yet to be announced, but new rumors suggest we’ll be seeing more of the same. The expected launch will be featured in Germany first, and with any luck the 2017 models will be up for sale in the winter of 2016. Here in the US we should be one of the first to see the new X3 which should debut at a local BMW dealer near you around the holiday season. The price will be comparable to the 2016 model which means it will start around $40,000 and be upwards of $53,000 fully-loaded.

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