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2017 BMW X1 Review – Interior, Exterior, Engine, Release Date, and Price

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BMW has become one of the most popular auto manufacturers that have been introducing some of the most innovative, classiest, and true luxury cars on the global market. The 2017 BMW X1 can be safely described as a combination of both the old and the new, but with an emphasis of what consumers have been asking for. This means that it has borrowed some of the features which were found in the older models and also gotten equipped with other new features that have never been seen in any of the other models before.

The new 2017 X1 will remain competitive with other luxury crossovers that offer all of the top features seen on the inside and out. With the 2016 model being revered as one of the best, the focus will shift from current technology to industry firsts. With all we’re hearing on the new concept, it’s time to turn our focus to the many changes that are already on the way.

2017 BMW X1 Review – Interior, Exterior, Engine, Release Date, and Price

The following 2017 BMW X1 review takes an in-depth look at the upcoming interior, exterior, engine specs, release date, and price.

2017 BMW X1 Review – Interior, Exterior, and Engine Specs

The 2017 BMW X1 interior of this vehicle will be pimped with those striking and eye catching features. This way, the driver and the passengers will be able to get maximum luxury and comfort from the machine. Every consumer wants to have a powerful vehicle and it is for this reason than the engineers decided to give this model more power. This has been done boosting the strength of the power train.

Being a second generation crossover, most of the exterior features of the 2017 BMW X1 will be borrowed from the previous models. They will however be presented in better. Furthermore, other new aspects of the exterior designing shall also come into the picture.

It has been a common trend recently that most of the car manufacturers will often try to make their products have as minimum weight as possible. The logic behind this is the fact that the lighter the car, the better it will be when it comes to fuel efficiency.  The 2017 BMW X1 has also not been left behind. The designers have been able to achieve this by use of lighter but very strong materials such as the aluminium , high performing steel and the carbon fiber. We also look forward to seeing a car which will have the modern kidney grille. This only means that the car will have a more enhanced look than the previous models. To make the vehicle wider, the bumper will be widened.  At the front, the beautification work will continue. The LED lamps will be given a slightly different design. This has been done with the intention of increasing the quality of visibility and to also give the vehicle a more sleek look.

Improvements shall also be witnessed on the tail end. The tail lights shall be made to look sharper and the exhaust pipe shall be improved to be in a better condition.  The vehicle will be much more suspended but will be able to operate on larger wheels. This is aimed to at having better driving dynamics.

As for the interior, you should be ready for very interesting features which have been made using the latest technology.  A nice looking brown trim which has been made with real wood and leather is one of the most appealing interior features. The leather seats shall be organized in such a way that it would possible for all the passengers to get enough space.

2017 BMW X1 Review – Release Date and Price

It is hoped that the 2017 BMW X1 release date will the available during the 1st few months of 2017. Analysts are already forecasting the debut will come in Germany, and with any luck will take place in January. Other markets will have to wait a bit longer with February and March highly likely. With an expected price starting at $37,000 the new X1 is expected to appeal to consumers looking to get a whole lot more, for a whole lot less.

For another take from the German manufacturer, you may want to take a look at some of the biggest upgrades expected for the 2017 BMW X4 which will be a premium version of the new X1.

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